Thursday, August 26, 2010

A visit to the doctors office.

I went to the doctors office the other day. No, I'm not sick. I went after they were closed. No, I wasn't breaking in to steal drugs. There is a doctors office right behind my house. When I'm out in my back yard I can see the back it. They have a little patio set up for the employees. In the summer they go out there on their breaks. I'm pretty sure I've even seen a grill sitting up there.
Anyway, they of course have a professional landscaper come in and take care of the lawn and flowers. There's a huge bush by the back door that I've always thought was rather pretty.
My reason for going to the doctors was to take some pictures and get a closer look at this huge bush. You can see that's it's taller than the building.
Here's a closeup of the flowers on it.
While I was there I snapped a couple other shots too.
Don't know what this dried up thing is but I thought it looked rather cool.
And just one more.

That was the first time I've ever gone to the doctors and it didn't cost me a thing. No waiting either.


  1. What a great deal. The no waiting is the very best plus no money. I want a doctor like that. Some people have all the luck. That really is a pretty bush.
    Have a great evening.

  2. Wow! What great pictures! The bush kind of reminds me of climbing clematis. Very cool!

  3. Really gorgeous shots, Ann... especially the close ups. The bush is a Rose of Sharon. Beautiful, aren't they. I love the pine branch. Very interesting photo!

  4. Those are lovely! And you didn't have to get weighed either, LOL!

  5. You got some great shots! That flower is beautiful! I'd rather go there to shoot pictures than for anything else.

  6. I believe that is the "Say Ahhh" bush. It is well known that anyone who comes within a 5 foot vicinity, will come down with a severe case of skin eating fungi, that can only be cured by eating a plateful of salt and vinegar crickets. Ask Katherine over at shoot-me-now, she can tell you where to get them.

    By the way Ann, don't forget to take pictures of you eating them ;-)

    Your friend the wise ass from MOB :-)

  7. You little Devil you, was Duke in on this intrusive little escapade? I agree with you, the plants are beautiful I love the first flower but that second plant is so interesting. Keep snapping and keep smiling Annie. Love, Miawa

  8. I'm pretty sure Duke went with you to the best doctors visit ever. Best price too. How fun.

    Hi Glenn/Wise Ass. :)

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke.

  9. We bet they want to come over and see cutie pie Duke closer just like you wanted to go check out their pretty flowers closer!

  10. Going to the doctor has never been more fun :D Ann, these shots I think are the best you've taken. They are stunning! And, I love the dried up thingy too. Love those types of shots. Very well done, my friend.

  11. That's the best way to go to the doctor. Although, if they read this, you may end up being charged for an office visit :)

  12. The pine tree is cool!

  13. The flowers looks cool even when they dried up.

  14. Looks like a type of Hibiscus. Wonderful detailed captures!

  15. What a gorgeous bloom! (looks like a Rose of Sharon). I don't know what that dried up thing is either, but I'm going to agree with's COOL :o)

  16. Beautiful shots of that bush/tree and the lovely lavender-lilac-coloured flowers. You are getting braver all the time!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my ABC WED - F - post. (You are First Commenter there.) I made a few changes since you left your comment. Take another look when you get the time. Here's a link:
    Anna's abcWed-F-words

    Best wishes,

  17. Did you at least take Duke along to keep watch just in case the cops didn't buy your innocent-sounding story?

  18. There maybe a doctors visit charged to you if they find out. Also some kind of copyright infringement.Those doctors will get you if they can.
    I love that bush. We have some in our neighborhood.
    Great pictures as usual.

  19. That's very considerate of the doctor to give his employees a place to relax. And what a pretty place too! Love that flower bush - our neighbour has just one like it!

  20. Beautiful pictures. I love close up shots of plants. Makes me want to get out and root around in my garden.
    I have 4 of the bushes, we call it Althea, but they are not near as full as that one.

  21. Sometimes when flowers start drying up ~ that's when they are at their prettiest! Lovely photos Ann!

    Have a terrific weekend friend!
    xo Catherine

  22. The dried up thing looks likeseeds I have combed out of the dog or picked off my socks, I think maybe your namesake, Queen Annes Lace. Well close to being a namesake.LOL

  23. Gorgeous! I wish I could have these kinds of visits when I do to the Dr!

  24. I could handle going to the Dr. like that! I like those seeds.

  25. Absolutely beautiful shots!! I really like the weird crinkled thingy too!!

  26. beautiful flowers on that bush! do you know what kind they are?

  27. I especially like the 'dried up thing'!!

  28. The bush was gorgeous. I am curious if you go to that doctor. It would certainly make things convenient.

  29. I see someone else already told you that the bush is a rose of sharon. You should look at the bottom of it and see if there are any little ones you could take and plant it your yard. They are very hardy. I love that you when to the doctors and got your shots for free.

  30. Now that's the kind of doctors visits I enjoy. My mom had two of those same bushes in her yard, a pink one and a white one. They are beautiful.

  31. i love the flower. who knew a visit to the doctor's office could be such a great adventure!

  32. Marg ha ha, no money is my kind of deal

    Sallie thank you, I'm not very good with flower and plant names I usually rely on those that read my blog to give me the

    LDH thanks for identifying it, and yes they are pretty

    Donna no weight check was the best part. I hate stepping on that scale, it lies :)

    Sheri best doctors visit I've ever had

    Man over board ewwwww, salt and vinegar crickets. Oh no I'm feeling itchy where's the

    Miawa no I left Duke home, no sense in both of us getting hauled off to the slammer :)

    Sandee He watched me from the safety of the back yard. Of course he was more interested in visiting with Amanda than following me off

    Beaded tail, I bet they do too. I used to have a springer spaniel a long time ago that preferred the outdoors. She stayed in an outside kennel and they used to come over to visit her

    Poetic shutterbug thank you very much. I'm always attracted to wilted and dieing things for some

    tahtimbo yep sure is. I do hope they don't read my blog, I can't afford the copay this

    Grace, thanks. I've always liked the look of pine trees and pine cones.

    Vanilla seven they sure do

    jean thank you very much. From far away I always thought it was a huge lilac bush. I'm very near sighted though

    Jen Maybe next year I'll have to check on them earlier in the season to find out what the dried out thing was

    Anna thanks, and I'll drop back over to check out your updated post

    Fishhawk nope he stayed in t he safety of the back yard. I had to have someone at home to accept my one phone call just in case I got busted

    Russ I hope they don't find out, I'm too broke to pay up

    Duni they do have it made up there, I certainly don't have such a nice outside break area where I work

    Connie girl thanks I'm always out taking pictures of my plants but the problem is I have a ton of shots of the same old thing :)

    catherine I have to agree with you

    out on the prairie I think I like the "Queen" part I'll keep it :)

    Reeni yeah most doctors visits aren't this fun

    sharkbytes me too if this is all I ever had to do when I went

    Michelle thank you very much. I'm a fan of weird crinkled things :)

    the booker man according to some of the comments here it's a rose of sharon

    Philippa yep me too

    Anne isn't it though. I always like looking out the window and seeing it there. Actually no I don't go to that doctor, the one I go to is a 30 minute drive away. Pretty silly isn't it?

    B boys mom oh that's a good idea. Maybe I'll go back up after dark and check it

    Leeuna yep, me too. Oh I would like to see a white one. Bet it's pretty

    Roschelle yep, who knew. I should do this more often when I go to the doctors, I felt so much better after I left too and it was a cheap visit.

  33. This is one of the better reasons I have heard for going to the doctor's office!


  34. gramma says i think that is a rose of sharon bush it of the hibiscus family

  35. ithink that is a rose of sharon bush part of the hibiscus family says gramma

  36. Jane, best one I've had in a long time

    Sally I believe you are right. I'm so glad I have the people who read my blog to identify this stuff for me :)


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