Friday, October 15, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (10-16) Fast Food

Oh boy I think I may have made an error with the Brenda Photo Challenge this time around. I prepared all my pictures for it and when it came time to put the post together I discovered it was "Fast Food" not just "Fast". Rather than discard everything I had I'll show it all to you and end with the only thing I could find to save it in the end


Lin said...

Well, I think you did a great job--even if that wasn't the category. ;)

Love that Duke!

Out on the prairie said...

Well I tell you Dukester, you are still stirring up some mischief. Hey great ideas, I left a comment on fast and then went back to see who signed on and saw the change. I like this!nice to see you are getting some fall colors.

Donna said...

October IS almost gone! Great color!
Who Cares??? Fast...Fast food...I think they're just about the same!!Hahaaaa
You Know any post with The Duke in it CAN'T go wrong!!! What a scare that was for you....geez!!
Have a Happy weekend sweetie!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Steak-ums ARE fast. I used to buy them on sale when I was feeding a family.

BeadedTail said...

I like how you got from fast to fast food. Great save! That little Duke is just so darn cute! I can't stop thinking about his little adventure and am just so grateful it turned out alright!

tahtimbo said...

I really like how you presented this. I think it would be a great idea for the Photo Challenge do have this as a topic.
I hope you have a great weekend!

fullet said...

You made a lot of work! You should show them anyway. I love Duke's hairy face :)

Anny said...

A pretty good one for fast.. not so much about food but its still fast :) Lil white guy is sure growing his fur real fast :D

have a great weekend ahead Ann... hope it doesn't finish too fast.

Russ said...

Great save Ann. I think you should get credit for two post. And becareful not to trim Duke too short. It is starting to get cold.

FishHawk said...

Your Steak-umm shot reminded me of an ad that cracks my wife up every time she sees it. It is one showing a man frying bacon in a skillet, and while he is waiting for it to get done, he takes more bacon out of the microwave, which got done faster, which is what the ad is promoting. Yeah, I suppose you would have to spend some time in her head, and that's all I better say about that.

Jen said...

The older I get, the faster it goes (seems like it's just whizzing by these days; guess I must be getting on up there *grin*). Tell Duke I can relate... It feels like I just got a haircut (um yeah, about six months ago ;o)

Audrey said...

This year is just flying by! My brain still thinks it's September, how does that work?
Luckily we have a short haired dog that doesn't need grooming :)

Marg said...

Those pictures are terrific and you did a great job converting them into fast food.
Have you hugged Duke yet today?? That must have been so scary.
Take care and have a great day.

Jeanne said...

hehe good save. And trees are food for some creatures right? We always loved steak-umms too. Haven't had them in quite a while since one of our local meat markets has shaved steak on sale at a lower price per pound now and then so I stock up on that instead.

livintheblues said...

wonderful shots of the changing of the colors...I'm bettin Duke hides now and again just for fun...just sayin...:)

Sandy said...

You did a great post on fast with a good save on the end! ha, ha.
I went to the freezer too for my fast food.

Sandy from the heart of Texas

Miawa said...

Great pictures and Duke is just as cute as ever with long hair or not.

Donna said...

Time is just zipping past us, isn't it! Oh, what I wouldn't do for a philly cheesesteak sandwich right now!

Janice said...

We can fall in love with our pets so fast and they can scare us just as fast. That looks like a food picture on your calendar...its always good to have something fast and easy to fix in the freezer when a quick meal is needed.

Brenda said...

Super save! Every photo is a great shot and we thank you for joining us in our challenges that help us learn to be creative with our cameras.

Sandee said...

Now I'm hungry. Just saying. I thing you did a great job. You're like me...half the time I don't read everything and miss a vital part of the process.

Have a terrific weekend Ann. My best to Duke. :)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I think this post is perfect and it fits in just fine. Now I have to go get a bite of something, you made me hungry.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Now, now, Ann - he is a Royal Scottish Dog from the West Highlands. He'll tak the highland and you'll tak the lowland and he'll be in Scotland afore ye .... he is magnificent and his fur grows so quickly because - well have you ever been to Scotland in the Winter? The wind blow straight up your kilt the draught whistles around your neck and if you are not very careful icicles freeze your knees together. A tiny little dog with his belly to the ground needs all the fur he can produce ....... it's just nature. His little body has to try and protect his kidneys from a chill.

Your wonderful little Duke is just plain perfect. Perhaps the answer might be to take lessons in clipping ... at least that would be another string to your bow ... who knows one day you may just open your very own doggie beauty clipping parlour!!

Jeanette said...

Great those sizzle steaks!

Ann said...

Hi Ann,

Hi from Ann in New Zealand,

Yes, the year has gone fast. Soon it will be winter, and I am looking forward to our summer.

Ann said...

Lin, lucky for me the challenge is very forgiving :)

outontheprairie Duke likes stirring things I'm enjoying all the colors we've been getting I would say it's definitely peaking here right now

Donna everything seems to be moving way too fast

sharkbytes I just bought those last week when the store had them buy one get one free

beaded tail nice transition huh? Believe me I can't stop thinking about it either

tahtimbo and if they did this for the topic I could just

fullet that's how I saw it.

Anny we get Duke groomed and it seems like it's no time at all before he's all shaggy again

russ yep, he's gotta have something to keep him warm. But he does love his sweaters this time of year too

fishhawk, I'm thinking that whatever is going on in your wife's head may be going on in mine too. We would probably get along well :)

Jen really, what's up with that? what happened to those endless summers? Getting old You sound like me with the haircuts

Audrey I don't know wish I could figure it out then I could maybe slow it down some

Marg oh yes, Duke got his daily requirement of hugs for the day

Jeanne I work in a grocery store I should ask the meat cutter about doing shaved steak

livintheblues I bet ya he does too, he's a bit of a character

sandy what better place to look for fast food than in the freezer right?

miawa at least he had a bath before this shot, he was looking pretty ragged there

donna zipping by way too fast. where does it go.

Janice, you're right, I hadn't even realized that was a Pillsbury calendar when I took the picture.

Brenda it's always fun trying to figure out what to take pictures of. Keeps me thinking :)

Sandee I tend to scan things quickly and often find myself having to go back and catch what I missed

poetic shutterbug well it worked out in the end anyway

kloggers, I love your explanation of Duke's royal heritage. Perfect. I did purchase a pair of clippers but unfortunately they were an inexpensive pair and didn't work very well. Perhaps I have to give up my frugal ways and pay a little more for a quality set.

Jeanette they are yummy, throw on some cheese, mushrooms green peppers and onions and it's a meal for me

Ann they just seem to go by faster all the time. Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy seeing new faces

B Boys Mom said...

You did a wonderful fast post :) The trees this tree seemed to turn over night very fast! I can't believe it's fall either. Where did summer go????

DSS said...

I adore the tree picture :) I feel like the same thing happens in my yard almost over night!

And Mr. D....can't wait to see his new hair do! That reminds me...I need to make an appointment for Louis...

Ann said...

bboysmom thanks, I'm not sure where summer went but I wish I could have gone with it :)

DSS it's amazing how fast they change. I can't wait to see Duke's do either :)

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