Monday, October 4, 2010

What are you looking at?

Hey Duke, what is it that you're looking at there?

Our friend the squirrel is right on schedule

Aw, isn't he cute

Oh no, what's this? Am I seeing double?
Sorry for the blurriness                                           but I was taking this through the window and when i saw two of them I was in such a hurry to try and catch both on camera I'm afraid I wasn't holding the camera very still.
This may become a problem.


  1. Hi there Duke. Tell Mom that the picture may be a tiny bit blurry but it sure is a good picture getting both squirrels. Go get them Duke.

  2. Does Duke chase the squirrels?? I think Hobbes gave up on ours.

  3. LOl that is cute! And He is a good watch dog! ;D

  4. Such cute squirrels! I'm glad Duke doesn't chase them. Someone could get hurt.

  5. That first one looks like a cutout plastered on that tree. What a lovely color he is!

  6. the dukester is always a fine work of art. but i love the little squirrel-y at the bottom of the tree!!

  7. Looks like Duke is in good company. Squirrels are so cute. Nice pic of the one and yea you kind of lost it on the through the window pic - I love it. I'll grab the camera and try it too, by the time I get outside and all that heck, they've left if you don't just shoot.

  8. Are those Fox squirrels? I only have the Grey ones here.
    Holding a camera still is a real challenge. Believe me I know.:)
    Go get them Duke!

  9. You get such vibrant colors - plus I love squirrels - I miss them!

  10. Is that a red squirrel or does it just appear that way in the photo. We have gray squirrels around here and Raider is none too fond of them. Duke is keeping a diligent watch for you.

  11. Great job spotting the squirrels Duke! I've never seen red squirrels that before. Ours are gray here. Bet the two are fun to watch though!

  12. Please tell me that Duke gave chase. Yeah, I know that he loves everyone and everything, but squirrels are to be pursued at all times. Hey, I looked it up, and it is in the puppy manual!

  13. I'm thinking it's kinda nice to know you are an actual mortal when it comes to the camera *laugh* (sure makes ME feel a whole lot better anyway ;o)

  14. Cute squirrels! I have never been able to snap one - they are too quick over here :)
    Duke seems to be fascinated by them!

  15. Does Duke chase the squirrels? Our dog loves squirrels. I think it is because they are so much smaller than him. He believes he can take them.

  16. We don't have squirrels here in the Philippines. Haven't seen one for real yet. I only see them in the movies or pictures. :)

  17. Nice pictures Ann. Squirrels are pest.They are very pretty indeed but can cause a lot of problems to your house. Plus we have so many here that they come right up on the patio and eat the flowers. They killed all our sunflowers.We have mostly grey squirrels. Also red and my father in law said he saw a black one.

  18. Iput ears of corn on a feeder to watch them dodge dog and cats to eat. They clean out my sunflower feeders sometimes, but I get 50 lb bags for that reason.

  19. My cat loves looking out the window at the other animals. I'm sure Duke loves to also. He is so sweet.

  20. They are adorable squirrels and I think the blurry picture is makes the fall leaves appear to be summer flowers in the grass which is a much more worming thought!!

  21. It is fun to watch them jump around in the trees. We have a whole family of them now that visit us every day.

  22. marg ok, I'll tell her :)

    lin I don't think he's ever spotted them.

    julie i don't think he realizes how small he is. he thinks he's big and

    reeni i'm sure if he actually spotted one he probably would chase it

    sharkbytes the color could be a little off, I used my old camera and tried to fix the lighting in the picture

    roschelle he is cute isn't he. so long as he stays at the tree and doesn't try to invade my house

    miawa if I try and sneak outside they always hear me coming and take off too soon, I'm forced to try the through the window shot

    jean i'm not sure what they are. I'm not so good at identifying

    grace this is actually the first year I've seen the squirrels hanging out in my yard

    ldh can't say for sure, the original was rather dark and when i lightened it up I don't know if it affected the color

    beaded tail they are fun to watch, they dart in and out when they think someone is coming too close

    fishhawk i hate to break it to you but duke has not read the manual yet and no he hasn't even seen them. he's always too busy with other things

    jean oh believe me I'm very mortal with the camera. If you only knew how many BAD pictures I

    duni I must confess the two pictures were taken at different times. I just put the Duke picture in for

    anne I'm sure he would, but so far hasn't seen them

    junezach hmm, that's interesting. I guess I just assumed squirrels were everywhere :)

    russ lets hope they stick with the tree and stay out of my house

    out on the prairie I was in walmart the other day and they sell bags of ears of corn. I think it was like 7 dollars a bag. with all the corn fields around here I could probably pick some up a whole lot cheaper

    b boys mom duke likes to sit on the end table in the living room and watch out the window all the time

    allotments4you, oh yes if only they were flowers instead of fall leaves

    tahtimbo it is fun to watch. I'm just wondering how many more are going to show up

  23. They are just so cute and great shots, even the two tone shot. I wonder what Duke is thinking when watching them :)

  24. I am absolutely devastated. I mean, distraught doesn't even start to cover it, but I will endeavor to persevere.

  25. Lucky Duke ~ you have some friends to chase after!

    I love having squirrels in my yard..right now they're feasting on the acorns that are falling off the trees...they're also hiding them. It's always such a surprise, in the Spring, to see where all the little Oak trees grow!

  26. Poetic shutterbug. actually Duke has yet to spot them, I doubt he would be sitting still if he did

    fishhawk Duke really hated to let you down but he couldn't live with himself if he had lied about it.

    marie maybe one of these days Duke will actually spot them. They are fun to watch.

  27. I can't decide who is cuter ~ Duke or the squirrels!!! Just kidding ~ it's totally Duke! :)

  28. Catherine, how about Duke is the cutest domestic animal and the squirrels are the cutest wild

  29. those pesky squirrels!! duke, buddy, i'd totally be happy to come over there and help you chase them!!

    the booker man

  30. the booker man that would be lots of fun to have a squirrel chasing buddy.


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