Thursday, October 14, 2010

My 19 hour nightmare

Apparently when Duke read about Sadie's little adventure when her dad accidentally left the gate open, he was intrigued with the idea of exploring on his own.
Yesterday after work I put him out on his lead like I always do. I heard his usual someone is walking by my yard bark but then he quieted down, nothing out of the ordinary. It was a beautiful day so I let him enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while I chilled out for a while. Around 3:00 when I went to bring him back in, he wasn't there. I ran to the street in front of the house, not there. The street one block over, nothing. His tie out was laying in the yard, the hook didn't appear to be broken at all and his collar wasn't attached to it. Panic set in. I got in the car and drove all over town three times looking for him but no sign. I checked with all the neighbors, stopped at the vets office to see if anyone had brought him in, nothing. I was totally devastated, barely slept all night praying that he would come back. I was even thinking that someone may have come in to the yard and taken him.
This morning I went to work heavy hearted as he had not returned. The girl who works in the office asked me if I was tired and I told her the story. She went to the bulletin board and pulled a notice off that read "Anyone missing a unneutered male white scottie dog please contact the borough office. Duke isn't a scottie but a westie pretty much looks like a white scottie.
I waited one grueling hour for the borough office to open. When I called I was transferred to the garage and got voice mail. I left a message with my number at work. Today I had to leave at 10:00 because I have to work a 1/2 day on Saturday and by then I still had not gotten a phone call. I left work and drove to the borough garage. The woman who's name was on the notice wasn't there but I told the man why I was looking for her. He asked me if I knew where (something I didn't quite understand) was and I said no. He told me he would be pulling his truck out and I could follow him there. He said that they had 2 dogs in a kennel that they had found and that they had been fed and watered.
I followed him to the kennel and finally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Duke happily wagging his tail from inside one of the kennels.
This is a terrible picture that I took with my cell phone when we got home but it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
He was wet and scraggly looking but none the worse for wear. His companion for the evening was a beautiful and very large chocolate lab. I'm sure Duke felt very safe with him there. I so hope that whoever lost him finds him soon. I hugged Duke a million and one times and made him promise never to do that again.


  1. Fix him or fence him, it will happen more often.Glad he is safe.

  2. OH NO!! What a bad boy he was!! I hate when they go disappearing like that you are sick with worry and angry at them for taking off at the same time. I'm so glad you found him safe! I'm sure those were the longest hours EVER with him missing.

    Okay--no more dog adventures, Duke and Sadie!! My heart can't take this!

  3. Oh no! That's horrible! Glad he's home safe and someone took care of him, but how terrible for you.
    Might want to find a better way to keep him home.

  4. Oh, Ann, I wanted to cry the moment I began reading your nightmare story! The pain in your heart must have been unimaginable. So Very happy you have your dear boy back safe and sound!!!

  5. I could just imagine how you felt! I would have been devistated if it were one of my babies. Thank God that little Duke is fine. I will tell Bubba about this story and let it be a lesson for him.

    Welcome Home Duke!!! Now STAY home!!!

  6. Yikes!! Duke!! So glad you both survived, bless your hearts.

  7. Oh, my! You didn't have to go to such lengths to inspire a blog post. (Duke you naughty little explorer!- glad your mommie found you)

  8. I would have been devastated too. Yikes. I can only imagine what you went though. I'm glad this ordeal is over for you. He's a handsome little man and I ♥ him tons.

    Have a terrific day and my very best to Duke. :)

  9. Sadie is soooo sorry Duke read about her adventure and he took off too!

    I know exactly the panic and worry you felt even though Sadie was only gone for about 5 minutes (although it felt like an eternity). My heart is beating pretty fast just thinking of Duke being lost but I'm glad he was found and is now home safe and sound. Hope he had enough adventure and never, ever does that again! Give him a hug and a smooch from us!

  10. Oh my gosh! Don't his tags have your phone number on them? Jeeze Louise, how did he get out? I know you didn't get any sleep...Time to rethink some stuff eh? So Happy he's back safe and sound!

  11. Phew Ann!!!!! What a terrible shock! You'll have to get some chicken wire and tack it all around your garden.

    Now, now, Duke ... you are a naughty boy. You have a lovely home so - don't you get wandering off again .... (please!).

    I am glad that you finally found him safe and well, Ann.

  12. Oh Ann ~ I'm so sorry for everything you went through BUT I sure am glad to see that beautiful photo of a very happy Duke!

  13. Woof! Woof! Oh My ... Glad he was fine. Do love the photo ... precious n you will not definitely forget what his done. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. Thank goodness sweet Duke was found safe and sound. You must have been worried sick. I am sure you will be giving him extra hugs and kisses for the next few days!

    Hope you have a restful evening! :)xo Catherine

  15. That was a very scary 19hr wait... glad that Duke is home and found. Little fellas are usually quite adventurous. So glad someone found him. Our love to Duke.

  16. I am so glad that you found Duke safe and sound! When I was growing up, one of our dogs got out and was lost for a few hours. After searching all over the place, we finally found her. I cannot imagine going 19 hours. I think that both you and Duke deserve a special treat for what you went through.
    Once again, I'm glad Duke is safe!

  17. I am so sorry that you had to endure this, and I am so glad that it is finally over. Be assured that I know what you were going through. For our Stuart, who is a male pomeranian/long-haired chihuahua mix (I think) of around 8 pounds, is an escape artist, and he has squeezed under our chain link fence and took off several times. Thankfully, he has never been gone for longer than a couple of hours. I don't think I could last for 19 hours. So, I guess I really don't know what you were going through, after all, and for that matter, I really don't want to find out.

  18. Um, Duke? I am sorry to tell you this, but you done a Bad Thing! I am very happy that you are safe now! Harley and both have microchips in case we sneak out.

  19. Oh my goodness, Ann! I feel terrible that you had to suffer like that. I missing beloved pet is the worst! I'm just so relieved you found him and that he's okay.

    Duke sweetie, don't ever scare your mommy like that again, ok?

    Thank goodness this post had a happy ending. And I also hope the chocolate lab will be brought home soon.

  20. Ann I am so sorry. I am glad you got Duke back. But it is a little suspicious. Do you have young boys in the neighborhood? They have been known to untie people's dogs.
    As long as Duke is home. That is all that counts.

  21. Oh Heavens!!! I was having a heart attack before I read that you found him. What a precious photo and please give him hugs and kisses from me. I can't begin to imagine your panic when you couldn't find him. Thank God he is safe and home with you.

  22. Oh my goodness! I got very worried.
    Thank God Duke is all safe. :)

  23. Thank goodness you found him and he is now safely returned to his home! Yikes, what a scare!!!

  24. Oh my gosh! I would have been frantic. Annie has done that a few times but thankfully she never goes anywhere. She just lays on the front deck and waits for me to let her in. I'm so glad you found him and that he was safe!

  25. PS - Thank you for hosting my entrecard ad!

  26. Oh my! ...yes....our dogs are like our children and I would have been tummy topsy turvey! What a cute photo!

  27. Oh Ann...that must have been terrible for you....but at least Duke seems to have enjoyed his adventures...I think what will now bug me forever is that I can't understand bark and will never know exactly how Duke got away!!

  28. Go get him a girlfriend that can stay in the yard with him...
    Poor Dukester...but POOR MOMMY
    !!! I've been through this...horrible!!

  29. I'm so glad that he's safe and sound!

  30. Poor Ann! You must be tired from this horrible experience. 19 hours is a long time to search and worry.

    I am thinking along the same lines as Russ; how could he get out? Could someone maybe have let him loose? If that is the case then we can't blame this on Duke.

    I am so glad that you found him.

    I was just going to say that I added another dog to my post and thought that you might like to visit this post one more time to see this third dog. You are so welcome to visit again if/when you have the time. Here's a link below.

    Best wishes & hugs,
    Anna's D-word 'dog' Alphabe-Thurs + a third dog

  31. Oh my goodness, I am so glad that Duke is safe and home. I guess he wanted to see what was out there like Sadie--hopefully, he will not do it again!

  32. OMG, you had my heart racing there for a moment. Thank God he is home, safe and sound.

  33. outontheprairie, valid point :)

    Lin the very longest and my heart can't take it either :)

    audrey me too you can't imagine what I was thinking

    LDH it was awful, I was feeling very sick the next day

    sheri please do tell Bubba we wouldn't want him trying this

    vickie Yikes is right :)

    sharkbytes I don't know if I would have even been able to blog about it if he hadn't come home

    sandee me too, and he better never do it again

    beaded tail Sadie doesn't have to be sorry, she tried to tell him NOT to do it. Hopefully now that him and Sadie have gotten it out of their systems, neither one will try it again

    grace, nope, but I think I should get him one of those. His collar broke, but none of it was still attached to the tie out so I didn't know that until I got him back home

    Kloggers I don't think that would hold Duke, he's a digger so he would be out in no time

    marie it was awful and I don't know what I would have done had he not been found

    Sugar nope sure won't forget

    catherine I sure was and yes as often as I can :)

    anny very scary indeed and he's too adventurous

    tahtimbo I wish I would have just thought to check with the borough office that day when I was looking. I only thought to check at the vet

    fishhawk I had a chocolate lab who would take to wondering the neighborhood when it struck him to do so but he was never gone for very long

    daisy let him have it Daisy, Microchips are a very good idea

    Duni Duke says he will try to be better in the future

    Russ yes there is a young boy who walks through the back yard after school and Duke always barks at him. I was thinking that is exactly what may have happened. But then I did discover that the ring on Duke's collar had broken off.

    Leeuna I'm so glad you kept reading before you had a heart attack. Panic did set in with me rather quickly

    Junezach it was a real tough night let me tell ya

    donna yep sure was

    splitrock ranch I wish Duke would have just hung out on the porch.

    Hummie The girl at work was asking me if I was making myself sick and I had to admit that I was.

    allotments4you very terrible. I do understand what some of his barks mean but for him to tell me the whole story, I would never get it right :)

    donna he would love a girlfriend but I don't think duke's dad would approve :)

    philippa me too

    anna I was exhausted when I got home from work luckily it was a short day though

    Erika he better not do it again, I don't think I could take it

    poetic shutterbug it's all good now but it was very scary there for a while.

  34. Gosh Ann, we are so sorry that you went through that. I would have been a total wreck. I bet that Duke was glad to see you. I had a cat disappear and never did come back. Thank you Duke for being all right.

  35. Marg thanks, I was a total wreck. I also had a cat disappear and never return. I've often wondered what ever happened to him.

  36. OMG how scary. I would be a crazy person looking for him. Thank goodness you found him.

  37. b boys mom, it was very scary, I didn't want to stop driving around but I didn't know what else to do. I had looked almost everywhere

  38. this was more than a year ago and i still wanted to cry. so scary, glad you did not post today, i found this to read. so happy Duke was found by honest and good people. i can feel your panic even now more than a year later.


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