Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She'll be so proud of me

The past couple of years I've grown into a bit of a grump when it comes to doing things for the holidays. Maybe it's just getting older and not wanting to bother with all the hassle of pulling out decorations that only have to be packed back up and drug back into the crawl space. but I just haven't felt like doing it. If it wasn't for my daughter Amanda pulling the stuff out and forcing helping me it just wouldn't happen.
Well since I was in such good spirits over the weekend, I thought I would dig out all the old Halloween decorations. I don't have that many left because last year I got rid of some of them but there were still a few worth pulling out.
She'll be so proud of me, I did this all by myself.

Bought this assortment of Halloween bears at the Dollar Store several years ago. I just thought they were so cute.

 And here's a few of my past craft projects. The one at the bottom used to have 2 different sized pumpkins. The other one was looking rather shabby since it had been used as a chew toy by a dog named Ozzie.

There were a couple of other things I pulled out also. I pulled out enough to give things the holiday look but not so much that I would be grumbling when it comes time to pack it away.


livintheblues said...

Hello there fellow grump..:)..I promise not to be if you will... :)))

Donna said...

Oh man, you sound like me this year! What Happens to us as we get older????? I don't like it!

Love your decorations though!!

Sandee said...

They are indeed adorable. She will be proud of you. Thanks for making me smile.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

Leeuna said...

I'm quite proud of you too...and envious. I haven't put up a single decoration this year. I love the "boo bears", and the wooden cutouts in the last photo are adorable. You rock.

LDH said...

Ann, you have the cutest decorations! Happy to read your thoughts on grumpy holiday decorating... I fit the title too. I don't know where folks get the energy to do so much. If I can keep my home nice day to day, I am happy. And besides... I don't have storage for infrequently used items.

Yup, I sound like a grump! :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I always grumble about putting things away. It's standard policy. Cute decor.

BeadedTail said...

If I had cute decorations like you do I might actually put them out but I'm a grump too as far as that stuff goes since I don't like putting them away.

Grace said...

I always admired people who decorate for holidays - I don't, never have done, never will, but I do enjoy others efforts...I think people with families and children do the decorating thing - I've never had either...

Catherine said...

Those Halloween bears are so terribly cute ~ doesn't the dollar store have some of the most fun things!! :)

xo Catherine

tahtimbo said...

If we had decorations like that, we would put them around the house, too. I know that our cats would love it :)
It's weird, but I don't mind putting our Christmas decorations up, but I really hate taking them down.

Lin said...

Crud. Thanks a lot. Now I have to get my stuff out. Ugh.

FishHawk said...

Our decorations are out year-around. Of course, all of "stuff" that they get buried under has to be removed, but they're still there (I hope).

VanillaSeven said...

Packing is a hassle when the day is over.

Jen said...

I agree; sometimes it's just too much trouble (kind of like making up the bed in the morning *grin*).

Connie Girl said...

I haven't decorated for Halloween in years not since we moved to the country. I do decorate for Christmas and it is a hassle. But it's not me doing the grumbling its my sweet Grinch. Love your decorations, especially the bears. Maybe I will pull my one Fall decoration out tonight.

Out on the prairie said...

Saw a great goblin at a craft sale over the weekend and had a hard time leaving it.Without kids is your problem as well as mine. I have a hanging flower arrangment I change for the seasons on my front eaves and bought a pumpkin to set out. Used to have lots more but sent it home with my kids.Oh wait, I also have a wonderful card sent by a famous artist!

Anna said...

Its nice that you get some help from your daughter. Your Halloween Bears are real cute. I bet my mother would like them too.

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Best wishes & hugs,
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B Boys Mom said...

You did more then I did. I just put a couple of things out. You have very cute decorations. Are you in the Halloween mood now?

Toyin O. said...

Lovely crafts; very creative.


Helen said...

Hi Ann,
You did better than many of us. Love the handmade decorations.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Oh what lovely teddy bears ...

but what you say about the holidays I can quite empathise with - especially in the US where you have three holidays on top of each other. Thankfully we just have Christmas which we probably make quite a lot of. Most people buy masses of presents and stocking fillers for opening on Christmas morning. Then there is the mountain of food that is purchased and eaten over the two week period. The one observation I made last year whilst listening to a wonderful Italian chef that lives in Britain when he announced that turkey was the one meat that Italians would never consider cooking to eat. Then he expanded on why. It is the one meat that is indigestable to animals for starters. By the time that he finished talking added to several other people on different television programmes - I wondered why on earth we, as human beings are still eating it ... I wonder what it does to our insides? Perhaps I should consider having something else this coming Christmas!!! Any ideas?

allotment4you said...

Well they all look great Ann...and if Amanda still isn't happy enough with you just tell her that you have a reader who only decorates once a year for christmas!!!

Marg said...

If I had such cute decorations like those teddys and all the other stuff, I would be enthused to drag them out too. I feel the same about Christmas. I just bring out my singing stuffed animals.

marie said...

Yep, there's a little bit of "grump" going on here too! Especially this year...but I'm glad you found time to take out a few things. I love CUTE Halloween stuff and your stuff is sure cute! Those bears are adorable!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO MOM!!!! YAY, i'm proud of ya!!! Glad to see ya got the ol halloween stuff out!

Ann said...

livintheblues, ok it's a deal

donna I'm glad I'm not the only one

sandee I know she will be, and you're welcome

Leeuna why thanks, I wasn't planning on it but it just happened

LDH there's no way I could keep doing all the decorating I used to years ago

sharkbytes oh yeah, putting it away is the pits

beaded tail putting them away really kills the thrill

grace I think that's what took the fun out of it, no kids at home any more

catherine love the dollar store

tahtimbo I don't even like pulling them out anymore

Lin sorry, just pretend you never saw this...lol

fishhawk well that makes it very convenient

vanilla seven it sure is

Jen you mean I'm supposed to make the bed in the morning

connie girl well at least you can get your sweet grinch to do it :)

outontheprairie I think most of mine went in the trash a year or so ago. Fabulous, who's the artist..lol

Anna well I used to get help, but now she's living way too far away

b boys mom, yeah I guess I sort of am in a halloween mood

toyin o thank you very much

helen handmade has always been my favorite :)

kloggers ah yes the holiday season here can be very grueling and so many people suffer from depression this time of year. Actually I never have turkey for Christmas, we always have ham.

allotments4you I would tell her but she probably wouldn't let me slide on that :)

marg well I plan on going light this year for Christmas too

marie not only are the bears adorable but they were cheap too...lol

Amanda thank you very much, I thought you would approve

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Those little bears look like the Cherished Teddies line. They are so cute and highly collectible. I really don't do any decorating for the holidays because I'm not here.

Ann said...

Poetic shutterbug, those little bears only cost a dollar each from the dollar store, gotta love a bargain like that :)

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