Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall greetings

I am having so much fun making the cards. I thought that it might be time to move on from the Halloween ones though and go with a simple fall theme. I'll be working on Thanksgiving ones and then Christmas next.
This one is just an all occasion type fall card with a little quilling added for accent.


  1. this card is so cutesies! me and asa and mama agree that our most favoritest thingie is the little acorn. teehee!

    the booker man

  2. This is Pretty!!
    Happy night Miz Ann!

  3. Nice card :) They keep getting better and better ... next step Etsy?

  4. I like that you included your quilling on your beautiful cards!

  5. Boy, I just don't know where you come up with all of your creativeness. Duke must be your inspirations. Very cute card!

  6. You ARE very good at this! Do you sell them too?? I think you should if you don't already.

  7. That is really a nice card. I'm looking forward to seeing your Thanksgiving and Christmas ones :)

  8. This is pretty cute :) i love the pine cone :D You just reminded me Christmas is just round the corner.

  9. You know, this crafty card making could get to be a problem. Just ask Duke. He saw it coming a long time before I did.

  10. Love the acorn! We are SO happy around here to finally be cooling off - Hooray for fall...Woo!

  11. That is just great. Love the 'hello fall'. You really are getting quite good at this. Take care and have a great day.

  12. What a lovely card -- so full of the colors of autumn.

  13. fall is my favorite time of year. love the earth tone colors!

  14. Great Job. I like the Hello Fall touch.

  15. I like the colors of this one ~ so pretty!

    I have to get my butt into my craft room soon to start my Christmas cards too!

    Have a terrific weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  16. Very pretty, I've always wanted to try quilling, is it very hard?

  17. Love the straw ribbon. And the cute acorn. Oh! Everything then :)

  18. You are just so darn crafty-licious!

  19. You and your cards! You say it isn't that difficult, but for some reason I suspect it is :) I so wish I had that talent. I adore them!

  20. Oh that is lovely you sell your cards?? I would love to buy cards like this....just nice all occasion ones that you can use just because you want to let someone know you are thinking of them!!

  21. Ann, you seem as if you are having a good bit of fun with these cute cards. But I really, really like the pumpkin project from yesterday's post--you are so clever.

  22. the booker man, why thank you, ya know, silly me I couldn't remember which half of the acorn was the darker side so I just went with

    ann, thanks

    donna thank you

    vickie maybe etsy some day

    sharkbytes, sometimes less is more, I have a hard time with that

    beaded tail I'm enjoying the quilling and it does add a nice touch

    LDH I do a lot of browsing and try to somewhat imitate things I see :)

    Lin well thanks for saying, no don't sell them, mostly they just collect dust :)

    livintheblues thank you very much

    tahtimbo thanks, I've already started on one for thanksgiving

    anny thanks, oh boy it is getting close isn't it

    grace, maybe one of these days :)

    fishhawk it's no problem for me, keeps me out of

    jen i've been cooled off more than I care to

    marg, thank you very much

    charlotte and they are such lovely colors

    roschelle summer is my favorite but fall sure is pretty

    russ, thanks

    catherine at the speed I go sometimes I really should have started stuff for Christmas about a month ago :)

    country mouse studio thanks, I was fascinated by quilling the first time I saw it. I don't think it's really hard but the pieces can be quite small and I get frustrated sometimes working with them

    vanilla seven lol, well thanks for saying

    out on the prairie thanks, I should have added a link for the site that I got the pattern from

    miawa lol thakns

    DSS nah, not difficult. I'm sure that there are plenty of things that you think are easy that I would find very difficult to do

    allotments4you I have thought about setting up an etsy shop but as of yet I haven't done it. I may one of these days

    erika I got away from doing things like this when I got interested in digital scrapbooking. I realized though that being able to actually touch what you're making is just so much more fun.

  23. Ann, you are just so creative, it's amazing. Your cards are charming.

  24. poetic shutterbug, why thank you very much. I try to be anyway :)


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