Friday, October 1, 2010

Maybe owl work on it

I like owls. Real owls are great and I've seen cute little crafty owls all over the internet. I thought I would see if I could come up with a quilled owl and this is what I got.
I wasn't totally happy with the way I filled in the body between the two wings but I thought he was pretty cute anyway.


  1. I love it! I have noticed owls and have been attracted to them for over a year now. I bought some cute fluffy white owls for my Christmas tree last year ~ I can hardly wait until I see their little faces again soon! :)

    You are a crafty girl Ann!

    xo Catherine

  2. I think he's cute as can be! Another great project Ann!

  3. Aw... he's great! Really owl-y eyes!

  4. Owls are so popular again! I am seeing them pop up all over blogs with crafty authors. You did a great job quilling this sweet little guy!

    Way back in the 70's I made an owl string art.... bet you don't remember string art! My mother had it for years. ugh!

  5. Oh, he is delightful! But you knew I would say that didn't you? :)

  6. He is adorable! I'm loving all your quilling projects...and it's making me think I need to get back into it again too (right now my crafting supplies are terribly busy dust collecting :o)

  7. What did Duke have to say about it?

  8. I would have to agree with that! Nice job! :D

  9. He's adorable, you did great.

  10. GoodLord girl....How DO you do it....Pretty!!!

  11. I thought you did a great job Ann. It looks like an owl we have around here.

  12. Catherine, It was a blog about owls that got me started on the owl kick a while back, I've seen so many cute ones I just can't resist them. I bet those ornament are adorable

    beaded tail thank you very much

    sharkbytes the eyes were the easy part :)

    LDH I remember them being huge back when I was a kid, and YES I do remember string art. That was another big thing :)

    Grace, I kind of figured but I don't mind you confirming it for me :)

    roschelle, thanks

    Jen thanks, my house is busy dust collecting while I'm devoting my time to my crafting supplies :)

    Fishhawk rrrrrufff to which I replied "I'm just learning, give me a break"

    Junezach thank you

    Miawa thank you very much

    Donna by blocking out the rest of the world and getting lost in play time :)

    russ thanks, at least it looks somewhat like an owl

  13. Fun quill,it would be hard to get the tiny breast feathers, so I like the altered shapes you use.Great job Ann.

  14. Ann, Your owl is charming! Owls are such cool birds.

  15. Omg Ann I totally love it! :) You are really so dang good at this! I still have my kit ready and waiting to be tried as soon as I unpack again lol.

  16. Ann, Kayla said to tell you she is obsessed with owls and she said this is about the cutest thing she has seen in a long time!

  17. Ann, the owl is so cute. I cannot imagine the time it takes to make all of those loopy things!

  18. I give this owl five out of five hoots.

  19. I think he's lovely and so did my 10 year old nephew who is now walking up and down behind me making owl noises!!

  20. That's a brilliant owl, Ann - I love it!

  21. Oh Ann! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog today. You know how I love, love, love owls and you just made one of the cutest ones I've ever seen!

    You're right, I'm seeing owls everywhere now. That makes me happy :)

    The great horned owl we are raising at work isn't maturing as we had hoped. We've decided he's "special." Might have to find a zoo or sanctuary for him since it doesn't look like he'll be able to survive out on his own.

  22. Well I think it is really cute!!

  23. He is absolutely adorable and very stylish.

  24. out on the prairie, the outside went together easy but when it came to those little feathers, oh boy :)

    Jean yes they are real or otherwise

    Tanyia good may be an get that kit out already and get started, I know you'll be great at it
    Tell Kayla I said thanks

    Nico actually the loopy things don't take all that long

    Bossy Betty Woo

    allotments4you lol, that is too cute.

    philippa thank you, I may try it again and make some changes

    Sheri thank you. Too bad about the owl you have at work, I'm sure you'll find the right place for him though

    Theresa thank you very much

    poetic shutterbug, thanks, maybe even a little on the retro side :)

  25. What a cute owl....I have been wanting to quill one for a while now. Love his little feet.

  26. Cheryl. thanks, it was the first try at one I'm sure I can do better but i had fun trying to figure it out.


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