Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A new card

No more ideas for Halloween cards so it was time to move on to Thanksgiving. I've only done one so far and then my ideas sort of fizzled out.
I was pretty pleased with this one though
I got the idea for the ripped and curled frames around the leaves from a book I have called  The Ultimate Paper Crafts Collection.
The pattern for the quilled leaves came from a blog by the same name as it's author Molly Smith. Her profile describes her as "Designer, author and instructor for the craft and hobby industry." She generously shared this pattern on her blog. I also used the leaves on another card I made HERE.
Of course my Cricut machine came into play on this one also. I used it to cut out the letters.


  1. I like it. Now you need to do one with a big turkey on it. Duke would like that.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Oh, I like Sandee's idea--a quilled turkey!!!

  3. Pretty card! Here's another vote for a quilled turkey!

  4. Hi there..thanks for your visit. Pretty card, you are very creative! Loved the posts below too, especially your cute dog! ;D

  5. That's really a nice card! I like the look that the ripped and curled frames give the card. It makes it seem more rustic, somehow.
    Oh, I also vote for the turkey :)

  6. Goodness - a quilled turkey - that would be something!

  7. This is a cute one Ann ~ I need to get inspired too! I must get started on my Christmas cards! Keep on inspiring me friend! :)

    xo Catherine

  8. WHAT A PREETY CARD!!i really liked the torn window look...thanx for visiting my blog and leaving wonderful comment...its really appreciated

  9. Pretty and neat card you got there!
    I'm already thinking of hiring you to make cards for me on special occasions! LOL :D

  10. Great colours and I love the ripped edges.

  11. I am with Sandy. A nice Turkey card would be nice.

  12. Why not a Duke Thanksgiving card? He certainly is something to be thankful for--right?

  13. It's a lovely card! I like the ripped squares. Beautiful colors!

  14. I like how the leaves look as if they are in a separate box--very talented!!

  15. The leaves look great .. perfect, love your design ~ especially the torn technique! Beautiful card, Ann!

    And thanks for linking to me :o)

    hugs, xo

  16. Very effective Ann...and I don't think it HAS to be used as a thanksgiving card...it could just be a 'thank you' card.

  17. And Another one I really like!!!

  18. Pretty and I do like the curly thing you have been mastering. I'm so not crafty! But I love your stuff.

  19. Sandee ah yes a turkey, what Thanksgiving is complete without the turkey

    Lin hmm, I'll have to see if I can find a pattern for a quilled one

    Beaded tail I better figure that one out quick...lol

    Julie I love visiting your blog and seeing all the little cuties there

    tahtimbo when I first saw the ripped frame in the book I fell in love with the idea and new I had to try it

    Grace, with all of you wanting a quilled turkey I better get busy working on that

    Catherine I've been running low on inspiration, I need to refuel..lol

    Mansi thank you very much. I enjoyed visiting your lovely blog

    June Zach oh I do hope there won't be an interview first, I hate interview...lol

    philippa funny how ripped paper can look so nice sometimes

    Russ turkey with all the trimmings perhaps?

    Fishhawk well if Snoopy can have his own thanksgiving I don't see why Duke can't

    Helen thanks those fall colors sure are easy to work with

    outontheprairie thank you very much

    Erika thank you, I really liked that effect

    Molly thank you and thanks so much for sharing your pattern. I meant to link to your blog in the first post I did and forgot, I'm so bad at that sometimes

    allotments4you you are so right, it could be just a thank you card

    donna aww shucks, you're so nice

    miawa I love the curly things :) coolest thing I've learned in a long time

  20. That is a wonderful Thanksgiving card. You are really getting good at this stuff. Wish I could do that. Well done Ann. Have a great evening.

  21. Why does it make me think of pumpkin pie?
    Lovely card!!

  22. marg, thanks some days I do ok and others I make really bad ones..lol

    audrey I don't know are you hungry for pie?...lol I'm going to guess because it has that same wonderful color as a fresh baked pumpkin pie. Oh gee, now I'm hungry for pie

  23. So cute!! Can't wait to see more!!

  24. I love those leaves, Ann. Very artistic.

  25. gayle, i sort of ran out of steam but hopefully I'll get some more done soon

    poetic shutterbug thanks, they were so easy and quick to do too


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