Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've been tagged

A little something different for today.
Erika from Nico Designs tagged me and now I have to answer 4 questions.

1. If you were given $1,000 how would you spend it?
So many things I could say here. I could be ultra generous and say that I would send it to some worthwhile charity. I could be practical and say I would spend it on some home improvement projects that are patiently waiting to be done. But, if this was a gift and it was to be spent on something frivolous I would spend it in the craft store buying paper and stamps and inks and punches and whatever else I could get my greedy little hands on :)
2. If you could be in someone else's shoes for the day who would it be and why?
Now this is a tough one and I really can't think of anyone. It's easy to say "boy I wish I was so and so, they have it made" The truth is though that who knows what it really feels like to be that person. They may be suffering on the inside and are just really good at putting on a happy face. I think I would just prefer to trudge along in my own shoes as dusty and worn as they may be.
3. Books or magazines?
Magazines for sure. I've always loved to flip through them, scanning quickly the first time, usually starting at the back and working my way to the front. I don't know why I've always done that. Then I start over and stop and read an article that caught my eye. I study the pictures or the ads to see what I might find that will spark some crafty idea.
4. What skill/craft would you like to learn?
I've always wished that I could paint. I used to watch a show on tv where an artist would take you through step by step how to paint different things. I sat mesmerized at how she worked magic with the paintbrush. I tried to imitate her movements and could never get it right. Yes I would love to learn how to paint.

And now I guess I'm supposed to come up with 4 questions and 4 people that I want to tag.
The victims are

Sheri at A girl and her camera
Betty at Bossy Betty
Tammy at Crazy mom with 4 boys
Marie at Spun by me
Grace at Hugz before you go
Oops, that appears to be 5 but I never was good at following rules.
and the questions are
1 what is your fondest childhood memory
2. if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be
3. what is the one thing you don't ever seem to have enough time to do
4. how would you describe a sunset to someone who has never been able to see one.

Now for those of you who are here for the Duke fix and haven't been tagged I give you this
and do you think this look is
a) grumpy
b) contemplative
c) annoyed (as in "will you stop taking my picture already")
d) sad that he lost his shaggyness


  1. How fun. I've not seen this one before. Duke is the very cutest part of this post. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to the little man. :)

  2. Loads of fun. For Duke I would say conteplative, he is trying to figure out why you don't always hold him and perhaps talk a little babytalk to him.

  3. OH, he's definitely contemplative! And so cute.

  4. Good answers, I like magazines too. And yes, I come hoping to see what Duke is doing too..I think he is doing (B( ;D

  5. Well Duke does look thoughtful this evening doesn't he?

    He's probably thinking - 'I wonder what's for dinner?' or may be possibly 'Where is my bone my teeth need a little clean?'

    My old collie dog used to love grinding her teeth along a knuckle bone and she had the whitest and cleanest of teeth. The butcher used to save her a beautiful large one every Friday which kept her occupied for a very long time!!

  6. I used to watch those art programs, too. It's just amazing how easy they make it. In less then a half an hour he starts with a blank canvass and ends with a terrific mountain scene. I'm still at the stick-figure stage, myself.
    I think he looks contemplative; maybe trying to figure out if he is grumpy that he lost his shaggyness and annoyed that he can't decide :)

  7. Mmmm - yes, definitely contemplative. And I have no answers to those questions - none at all!

  8. Those are great answers and you came up with really good questions too! Duke is so cute in his Halloween bandanna! We think he looks contemplative or wondering where his treat is.

  9. Duke's photo won't load for me for some insane reason.:( Bet he looks cute. BTW...are you left handed? I am and start at the back of magazines and flip forward.

  10. Duke is all ready for halloween.. hehehehe.. He looks contemplative.. mebbe wondering when the next yummy nom noms gonna come.. :) that's a pretty nice tag... have a good weekend Ann!

    btw.. there's no right or wrong way to paint.. just paint.. to your hearts desire. Art is always subjective ;)

  11. b. contemplative
    [final answer]
    Hee :o)

  12. I believe Duke was posing to the camera with his new look. He is much more handsome now.

  13. It's fun reading peoples answers to random questions :)
    I think Duke is thinking about how he's going to explain what he just did :)

  14. Oh boy! Now I've been tagged! I'll put my answers up when I get home from work. Is it cheating since I have time to think about the answers?

    Love the Duke fix. I say he's definitely contemplating something. I think he just did something he wasn't supposed to and he's trying to decide if he shold fill you in on the secret or let you be surprised.

  15. Oh boy! Now I've been tagged! I'll put my answers up when I get home from work. Is it cheating since I have time to think about the answers?

    Love the Duke fix. I say he's definitely contemplating something. I think he just did something he wasn't supposed to and he's trying to decide if he shold fill you in on the secret or let you be surprised.

  16. I would think that Duke is being contemplative, but he might be really sad about how much pain you are now in. For my wife and I have been watching the new show on The History Channel, Swamp People, and it has shown that the tag is attached to an alligator by cutting a slot through the tail. So, if this is what has happened to you, you must be hurting something awful. By the way, thank you for not tagging me like that.

  17. duke is cute; he is probably wondering why Mommy put his photo after all of the words and not at the top!

    And I also look at the back of the magazine first. I keep trying to stop but for some reason it calls to me this way. Good to know I am not alone:)

  18. awwww, now I've had my cute fix for the day, thanks

  19. Sandee, isn't Duke the cutest part of anything?

    out on the prairie you may be on to something there :)

    sharkbytes what could he be contemplating though I wonder :)

    Julie I buy far too many

    kloggers lol yes he may be wondering where his bone is or wondering why he hasn't gotten a new one recently. I occasionally bring some home from work but he gets a little territorial when it comes to those

    tahtimbo well you and I could probably corner the market on stick figure art.

    Grace that seems to be the general consensus. It's ok, I just randomly picked some names. I didn't even get to let everyone know last night ahead of time because our power went out

    Beaded tail yep I think it's a where's my treat look too

    Jean hmm wonder why it won't load and yes of course he looks cute

    Anny paint to your hearts desire huh, Ok I can do

    Jen too bad I don't have a million to give you for

    vanilla seven I have to agree with you on that one

    audrey maybe I should do some I never thought that might be a guilty look

    Sheri I meant to let you know ahead of time but my power went out last night and I never got to it

    Fishhawk I'm quite happy to report that no slot was cut into my tail for this tag. It was quite painless. I did consider tagging you but wasn't sure if you did those things or not. Although I didn't know if anyone I chose did them

    Erika so maybe that's why he's giving me the cold shoulder

    country mouse studio everyone needs a little cute fix, glad we could provide one. :)

  20. Duke is definitely contemplative...I think he's wondering if black & orange are really his colors!

    Good questions Ann ~ I'll take a stab at answering them ASAP. Thanks for inviting me to play "tag"!

  21. Oh Duke you are more handsome than ever in that picture. The girl doggies, Ande and Jasmine are just swooning over you. Watch out they may be on their way to see you. It is late and can't do all the questions but glad we got to see Duke. Take care.

  22. marie he may have to think about it but I say with that white fur he can pull off any color :)
    I meant to warn you about the tag but lost power and was unable to use the computer before the post went up

    marg Duke is putting on some of his doggy cologne in anticipation of the arrival of some pretty lady pups :)

  23. I think this is very sophisticated...he reminds me of Hercule Poirot with that curly mustache going on.. :-)

  24. That is definitely the contemplative and wise look. He is such the handsome little hottie :) Thanks for making my day.

  25. I think he's looking at the treat you are bribing him with! ;) Duke, you look FAB after your haircut!

  26. allotments4you doesn't he though.

    poetic shutterbug you are quite welcome. Duke is always pleased when he can make a ladies day brighter :)

  27. I think he's looking at his nose and saying "what is this? a handlebar moustache that it forming?" hahahaha...he is so darn cute!

  28. Great answers and thanks for tagging me. I hope I do as good as you with my answers. I think Duke is think about none of the above. He just wants to take a nap. :)

  29. DSS LOL you may be right

    B Boys mom I'm sure your answers will be great. Well if Duke is thinking about a nap I say, that's a good thought :)


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