Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sometimes, it's alright when you have things wrong. Occasionally I try out different settings on my camera. This is a good thing because then I get to see how well they do or don't work for me. The problem is when I'm done I never remember to turn them back. The next time I use my camera I don't think to change the settings to fit the scene
The other morning I was enjoying all the bird activity in my back yard so I grabbed the camera and started snapping away. I never bothered to check the pictures in between I just kept going. When I did stop to see what I had I realized that something must be wrong. I had the camera set for sunset photos.
Once I downloaded them on to the computer though I liked the way they looked. This are straight off the camera and believe it or not this was at about 9:00 in the morning AND the sun was shining.

It even gave Duke a nice golden glow while he was enjoying an early morning sunbeam in the kitchen


  1. I didn't know there was a sunset setting on camera. That's so interesting how those photos came out. I really like them too! Of course I love the one of Duke the best!

  2. I didn't know there was such a setting either. How cool. I like all three shots, but I like the one of Duke the very best.

    Have a terrific day. My best to the little man. :)

  3. I really like them...they do look so dramatic! don't you love accidental photography :)

  4. Very spooky- except Duke! He's ready to celebrate.

  5. That is just amazing! All I have is a point and shoot camera, so I never even knew there were special settings. It must make it a lot of fun to play around with the settings.

  6. natural light is still the best for photography :)

    i do love the ones on the trees... somehow.. the birds came out more stronger. Duke is of course the show stealer everytime :) my love to Duke.

  7. I like the Duke pic - a lot.

  8. I think sometimes the best creative work comes out of 'happy accidents' like this! It's like my father used to say: "if something doesn't turn out quite right, don't try and hide it, make a feature of it"! I've always thought this was great advice.

  9. Looks good to me, but then as you know I've been playing with all the settings on my camera *grin*. So far (with one exception) I've remembered to change the setting back just before snapping. I'm thinking yours was more of a happy accident, don't you think? Lookin' good girl! :o)

  10. Duke looks fantastic. You could take some really great Halloween pictures with that setting.

  11. Whoa, that is some effect. I wonder if that is actually an accepted technique?

  12. Sometime mine gets changed putting it in and out of the bag.It can be fun to try the other settings, many wonder what they are for.

  13. Ok, I think Bubba is offically jealous of Duke's cool scarves. Think I'll have to dig through all that Christmas fabric I have and make him some for the upcoming Holiday Season!

  14. Awww...Duke looks adorable in the sunbeam :)
    I must check to see whether my camera has a sunset setting too!

  15. A very cool mistake! The orange glow is the perfect tone for the Halloween shot of Duke wearing his spiffy pumpkin bandanna!

  16. Very cool! I am like you, I get twisting and turning my camera settings and then forget to turn them back. But look at your results ~ excellent! Of course, would Duke ever take a bad photo??? Hmmm.... I'm thinking not. :)

    Happy Wednesday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  17. I like to experiment with setting also. I like the bird shots they are spooky looking. Duke has a wonderful glow about him. What works....works!

  18. i was so busy staring at the golden glow on duke, i had trouble reading your post and looking at the "wrong" photos. you are right, they came out great. i do the same thing. i set it for 400 ISO and shade on white balance, then the next time i just keep snapping. sometimes it works like yours did and sometimes not.
    i read on one of the blogs, can't remember which, that we should do that, find something we like and take the photo on all different settings and then see what it does to it. i have tried it and sometimes it works

  19. Ann, I do that all the time. I'll switch to macro and forget to switch back while taking landscape scenes and it changes the whole photo. These photos though are gorgeous though and of course Duke is the star!!!

  20. Oh my...oh...Duke is the cutiest fellow what with that golden glow and his little pumpkin sweater!!
    Just love these shots, Ann - and your name :)
    Here's to more great photo moments!
    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog - come again soon!

  21. Duke looks so cute! I have been trying to experiment a bit with my camera but nothing as cool as Duke in a sunbeam:)

    you have been tagged:

  22. Beaded tail, I'm sure not all cameras have the same settings but this one has it and the worst part is I never get to see any spectacular sunsets

    Sandee, lots of fun settings to play with and I liked the shot of Duke too

    Country mouse studios thanks, Duke says thank you too

    Lisa some accidental photography yes, some not so much...lol

    Sharkbytes yes he is, ready and waiting

    tahtimbo point and shoot cameras offer quite a few cool settings, you should check some of them out sometime and experiment

    anny, I totally agree I always get the best results with natural light

    Grace, the golden dog :)

    Philippa I like your dads saying. I think I'll keep that in mind on future projects

    Jen I have such selective memory sometimes and I just can't for the life of me remember to check those settings. I thought this was a happy accident this time, other times I was very annoyed with myself

    Russ I may try it out on several and see what happens

    Fishhawk well if it's not I'm going to make it one :)

    out on the prairie I've done that too, and didn't notice until it was too late. For the longest time I never bothered with all the other settings, it's fun experimenting though

    sheri oh yes, Bubba definitely needs some scarves to wear, he'll be the coolest yorkie in town

    Duni nothing beats a good sunbeam on a saturday morning

    LDH I did like the way that looked

    catherine well some of the blurry shots of Duke aren't so good and then of course we have a ton of butt shots too that were not supposed to be :)

    Jean it's amazing how spooky the birds look and I couldn't believe how dark it made the sky look compared to what it actually was

    Sandra that sounds like a good idea. I think I'll make a day out of experimenting like that. Sounds like fun

    poetic shutterbug I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that. Makes me feel better :)

    Ann I must say that I also adore your name, such a lovely one :)

    Erika oh cool, thanks for the tag. I'll get right on that. I don't do as much experimenting as I would like to and I really should play more and learn what I'm doing :)

  23. My little digital camera is set to take pictures one way so I don't get confused.
    Your photo's are amazing!! LOVE the one of Duke - he's very halloweeny :)

  24. Oh ... Duke looks as though he's sleeping in the semi-sitting position while the film 'The Birds' are all gathering outside in the trees.
    Now that is more spooky than any Halloween!!!

  25. Audrey thanks, I probably should keep mine set one way to avoid confusion but I keep on doing it anyway :)

    kloggers poor Duke had no idea the birds were gathering. Such an unsuspecting pooch. Could make for a good story :)

  26. I need to play around with camera settings ~ those photos are fun. I love the one of Duke ~ it's VERY Halloween-ish!!

  27. marie I should do more playing around than I do. I might actually learn something...lol I loved the one of Duke, probably not one a pro would think was good, but I like the golden glow look.

  28. Do you know that when I saw that first picture I thought to myself "that looks like a crips Fall evening near the water in the seaside town I grew up in in Florida". And here it's 9am in the morning! Amazing what settings can do. I like :)

  29. DSS I was amazed when I saw the picture on the computer. If I wouldn't have taken it myself that morning I wouldn't have believed it


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