Friday, October 8, 2010

Play time

A couple months ago I posted a video of Duke in the pool. Well that same day I had also taken another video of him running around in the backyard. I totally forgot all about it. So today I bring you a short video of Duke just being Duke
Darn that little guy is loaded with energy.


  1. Oh good boy Duke running around and having a grand time.He is too cute. Sure was having a great time with that toy. Have a great weekend.

  2. How can one wee pup have so much energy? He makes me tired just watching him! :)

    xo Catherine

  3. He's a cutie! Reminds me of my friends dog.

  4. He does have a lot of energy! Whatever that is he's munching on, he sure shakes the you know what out of it. I love his ears, his tail, his sweet face - I just love Duke!

  5. Oh, it's good to be Duke, isn't it??! What a cute boy he is! And so silly. :) I loved the video today.

  6. If only you can harness that energy. He is a lot of fun to watch :)

  7. Go, Duke, Go! What a cutie!!! He's even cuter in action!

  8. I hope that was something he was supposed to be eating!

  9. you would think he would get a headache with all that shakin.. :)

  10. Oh Duke that was a wonderful piece of really showed yourself off to the camera know I think you would love to play with my neigbour Max...he is nearly as adorable as you!!!

  11. Great Video. What a happy little dog Duke is. He is lucky to have such a good family.
    Have a good weekend.

  12. WOO HOO! Now, THAT'S what I call ENTERTAINMENT! By the way, what was he chewing on?

  13. He's SO brave and ferocious!!!Hahaaa
    I LOVE the Duke!

  14. The smaller they are..the more energy the keep... hehhehee.. Duke is such a happy fella.. and its a big yard for a small fella :)

  15. That is too cute!! We've had quite a few little dogs boarding in our kennel lately. They are a blast!! They always look so happy running around :)

  16. Is he precious or what? What a lively little guy. I got tired just watching him :D

  17. Duke is the very picture of happiness!

  18. I could watch Duke 'flop' and 'bop' around all day!

  19. Marg that's just a typical day for Duke :)

    catherine I don't know but I wish I knew how I could borrow some from him

    gayle that he is :)

    beaded tail he sure does. He shakes everything like that. I'm surprised he doesn't give himself whip

    Lin it sure is. He makes me laugh just watching him

    tahtimbo tell me about it. I'd be set if I could

    bossy betty he's like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going and going

    grace it was a rawhide stick :)

    livintheblues you would

    allotments4you Duke does need a play mate, maybe that would keep him occupied.

    fullet, he sure is.

    russ very happy, he's overflowing with it

    miawa and then some :)

    out on the prairie, they sure are, don't know where I would be without one

    fishhwak I thought you would like this one. That would be a rawhide stick. He loves those things

    Donna ferocious indeed, you should see him in action when he sees the

    anny I have to agree, I always had bigger dogs and I don't remember any of them ever being as peppy as Duke

    Audrey They are a riot that's for sure. constant entertainment

    poetic shutterbug and he's like that all the time too :)

    daisy can't get much happier :)

    reeni watching is easy it's when he wants you to run with him that it gets

    sharkbytes :) yes he is

  20. duke's got some nice zoomie action goin' on there! i'd totally come join him if i lived nearby! :)

    the booker man

  21. So cute of Duke! He acts just like Bubba. I love to see happy dogs!!!

  22. Booker Duke is good at makes it kind of tough to get pictures some times

    sheri those little dogs sure are full of energy, and so speedy for such little legs.

  23. I swear...he and Louis must be long lost brothers. I completely felt like I was watching Louis! That whole "shake this toy/treat/whatever to death" thing is hysterical :)

  24. Dss I agree, I see pictures of Louis on your blog and think geeze that's Duke except he's much whiter and groomed Duke does that shaking with everything, you don't want to be too close when he starts swinging


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