Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun with Fiber Optics

When I was digging around in the Halloween decorations I found a couple of fiber optic decorations. One is a pumpkin and the other is a girl scarecrow. I was going to leave them in the box but changed my mind and plugged them to see if they still worked. Later that night when I realized I had left them on I went downstairs with my camera to do some playing.

Since they kept me entertained for a while I suppose they can stay out to celebrate another Halloween.


  1. Oh yes ~ keep them out ~ they are wonderful and fun! Great photos Ann!
    xo Catherine

  2. I think they are great. I too love fiber optics. Way cool.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. Those are too cute to put away! I like the bottom right photo - it looks magical!

  4. pretty ornaments and pretty pics Annie. BOO!

  5. great stuff..:0 maybe I can get something like for the bus....:)

  6. beautiful fibre optics, wht do you normal use them for.

    Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in New Zealand. It is slowly pickingup by the children.

  7. Cute stuff- and your photos always make things look good.

  8. Great shots, Ann! Getting good photos in low light can be tricky but you had no problem. Fun bokeh... don't ya just love saying that word :)

  9. I don't know what fiber optics are but those are cool photos

  10. Those are great! I would definitely be having those out as decorations.

  11. Fiber optics! So advance! The most creative Halloween design indeed :)

  12. The fiber optic shots are pretty neat :) ahhh.. you should have all these lovely decos out for Halloween... they are most lovely.

  13. Great pictures Ann. I love fiber optics. I had a Christmas tree with it once. Didn't have much luck with it. You can keep those out all the way past New Year.

  14. These look great! I haven't seen one like that.

  15. You're really going to town.So what do you dress as to pass out the candy. This is the longest I have made without already buying some, for me.Have survived on the candy corn and peanuts.

  16. Yes you should keep them out! It looks like you had a lot of camera fun! Love it.

  17. catherine I did keep them out, haven't plugged them back in since I took the pictures but they are out :)

    sandee I just love watching the colors change, kind of hypnotizes you

    beaded tail it does have a magical look to it

    miawa the decorations themselves look kind of stupid in day light but at night all lit up they are pretty cool

    livintheblues I bet you could find something. make that bus a festive one :)

    Ann they are just halloween decorations. The lights fade through different colors. look really neat

    gayle, thanks

    sharkbytes I wish my photos could make me look I always look horrible in pictures

    LDH yes, low light is not my specialty but I was happy with these. Bokeh is a fun word, I like it

    grace just the type of lights that are built in to the decorations. Very tiny little lights at the end of those fibers, they slowly transition from one color to another

    tahtimbo well there staying for this year anyway

    vanilla seven and to think soon they will probably be a thing of the past

    anny yep , they're staying

    fishhawk, I like shineys and sparkely's too :)

    russ I don't think I have any Christmas decorations that are fiber optic

    Helen I bought these a few years ago at the dollar store

    out on the prairie last time I passed out candy I was a witch. I don't have a costume for this year though. Any suggestions?

    b boys mom I always have fun with the camera

    donna, they are in the dark anyway, in the daylight, not so

  18. Oh, those are very cute! I don't have any light up decorations like that. :(

    I finally succumbed and put the decorations up on Friday. We were having the colorguard over on Saturday and I figured it was then or never. I'm kinda wishing it was never because I hate putting it away, but the girls all loved the junk. Sigh. Bah humbug.

  19. These are all beautiful and bright Ann. Lovely pictures.

  20. These are so cute! My camera takes crappy pictures in the dark.

  21. Lin I hear ya, putting them away is the pitts

    kloggers thanks, they are pretty cool when it's dark but a little on the ugly side when it's daylight :)

    Reeni low light is kind of tough, a tri pod helps :)

  22. Just got back to the Net to check my friends' blogs.

    These are beautiful decors for Halloween! Have a spooky one! LOL

  23. JuneZach thanks, amazing what you can find in a dollar store.

    Sandra thanks, I had fun taking them too


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