Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's just not working

There are some of my card/craft projects that turn out good and then there are some that I really don't like at all. I attempted to make a couple more Thanksgiving cards and the first wasn't so bad but the second goes right into the FAIL category. But, since the blog posts must go on I'm going to show them both to you anyway.
I grabbed a few graphics from The Graphics Fairy attempting to make something different.
This is the one that I'm not completely dissatisfied with

This one on the other hand, like I said FAIL!!!!  The graphic is black and white, the color choices were just plain drab (although so were pilgrims I suppose) and the turkey I made with my Cricut just looks hideous.
I have another idea that I'm going to work on and if that turns out as bad as these then I'm skipping right on to Christmas.
I do have a question for anyone that makes cards or does scrapbooking though. I seem to be having a slight problem with adhesives. I mainly use a tape runner for attaching the layers but they don't always seem to stick very well. The one I have now is an Elmer's permanent tape runner. I've tried other brands and get the same results. I think I have it adhered well but then a day later I have layers falling off. What the heck am I doing wrong?


  1. unless we fail and learn we never get any better..they all look good to me though..:)

  2. Practice makes perfect. Just saying. Yes the first one is prettier because it has more color. I like that last one too.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. I really like the first card you showed. It has a nice nostalgic (yes, I had to spell check this) look to it.
    Would staples work :) Just kidding, as you know I have no artistic talent.

  4. I think your cards look just fine. They are more traditional but still nice nonetheless. I actually like your turkey too! I don't know how to put cards together so can't help with your dilemma. I'm sure Duke knows but he probably isn't telling! Hee hee.

    Edi from Memories for Life Scrapbooks would know the answer to your question. She is extremely talented when it comes to working with paper.

  5. The turkey is fine on the second one, looks a little "fun" but the picture is totally blah - maybe pics of child Pilgrims, something like THIS

  6. Uh, I kinda liked the turkey. ;)

  7. No idea what you are doing wrong Ann as I haven't used the things you have described however i have used glue dots and these work a treat for me...even books I made several years ago are still stuck well. Failing that I use double sided sticky tape...and old one but still one of the best and I love the fact that I can ball as much of it together as I want to get the right height. Sometimes progress isn't the best way forward.

    As for the cards...i see where you're coming from with them. I should skip straight to's so much more colourful, fun and experimental....lets face it, everyone loves glitter!!!

  8. Can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs sistafriend *grin*. I'm inclined to agree that the first one is the winner :o)

  9. In regards to your adhesive problems, I've got just two words for you--DUCT TAPE! For aside from being great for sticking things together when a welder is not handy (especially if you use the 100 MPH variety), it can be used to cover what you don't want seen. Hey, I use it to wrap Christmas presents, and they always stand out under a tree.

  10. We like both of them but the first one has a little more life to it. Don't know what to tell you about the glue thing. Sounds like Sharla had a good suggestion. I think it is just great that you are doing all that.I would love to be able to make my own Christmas card.
    Take care.

  11. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here. I love the fact that you are making your cards yourself! The top one is very special. The musical notes are a pretty touch. The bottom one misses a bit of colour, I guess. The turkey looks fine to me!!

  12. I like both your cards Ann! I find I have to be in the proper mood to create. If I am trying to force creativity, I don't usually like what I have made. I use Ad Tech Glue Runner. I'm not sure if you have tried that brand. I have had good luck with it.

    Hope you have a terrific Thursday!
    xo Catherine

  13. they look good to me, that coming from a person who has not made a card since i was 6 and they MADE me. can you tell i am NOT crafty? but i like looking at others work. and to me it is work. I like them

  14. If I made cards half this good, I'd be happy. I no longer have my children to take credit for the cards I made. Same with wrapping. I used to make like the kids had done it. Now the truth has come out.

  15. I like the top one with the music sheet, very good. The bottom one I like but think the turkey is too big and plain.

    It all looks like fun!

  16. I use a Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro. Perhaps you need more if it is heavy.I get this online.Otherwise get out the liquid stuff.If that doesn't work real men use duct tape.LOL

  17. I like both cards Ann, including the turkey :)
    Adhesive: don't know that you're doing anything wrong, but I can recommend my "tried and true" favorites ... Tombow permanent mono-adhesive
    and the BEST all purpose G L U E ever!! ... Scrappy Glue - it doesn't wrinkle paper like other liquid type glues. I cannot say enough great things about it!!!

  18. I like the both. I don't see anything wrong with the turkey either. I think you did a fine job. I wish I could do half as well. :)

  19. I agree with Catherine: you can't force creativity when you're not quite in the mood. But I think you're being a bit hard on yourself - the first card is lovely and I like the way you have used the music sheet in your design. I'm sure you'll soon be on a roll again.

  20. #1 is better but both of them look good :-)

  21. livintheblues very valid point

    sandee I like when you guys make me feel better about my

    tahtimbo hmm staples, maybe I can find some fancy ones

    beaded tail thanks for the tip, I'll check out Edi's blog

    Grace I agree, very blah the link wouldn't work darn.

    Lin ok, at least it is a nice brown

    allotments4you maybe I'll give glue dots a try. Christmas is probably more fun to do too :)

    Jen lol, thanks sistafriend :)

    fishhawk hey I hear duct tape comes in some great colors now too :)

    Marg it's certainly a lot cheaper to make cards than to buy them :)

    Duni I guess the lack of color in the second one is what's just not doing it for me :)

    catherine yep, mood makes a big difference and I know what you mean about forcing creativity. I'll check that brand out, thanks

    sandra maybe not crafty with glue and paper but you sure know how to work a camera :)

    bossy betty I can always blame the junk cards on Duke :)

    betty actually I think everything about the bottom one is too plain

    out on the prairie can a non pro use that glue glider You and Fishhawk may be on to something with the duct tape

    vickie thanks for the links, I'll have to give those a try, I'm planning on stopping at Joann this weekend anyway

    Philippa a roll or a flip one of the but yes I need to stop forcing it

    the old geezer yes I agree the first is much better and thanks for saying :)

  22. Ann, I actually like both cards and I don't think the second one looks blah at all. I like the traditional and nostalgic feel right along with the turkey. I think it's very artistic. As for adhesives and glue etc... I have no clue :)

  23. poetic shutterbug well thanks, I guess it's just the lack of color that just wasn't working for me :)

  24. Well, here I was scrolling down to see the "bad" card. Feel free to send me the pilgrims. I rather like that chubby turkey :)

  25. DSS aww your just too sweet, thanks


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