Saturday, October 16, 2010

Secret identity revealed

Duke has a deep dark secret that very few people know about. I'm about to reveal that secret to you here today. Some of you will doubt me but the proof is in the pictures. These have not been doctored at all.
You all know him as the sweet, adorable and lovable mild mannered Westie known as Duke

 But there is a darker side to him. Yes there is, I speak the truth. This sweet innocent little white ball of fluff is a green eyed monster.
See, just look at him. Those eyes are as green as they get. And what causes this phenomenon? All it takes is for Wade and I to attempt to have a simple conversation. He will sit there and bark, jump in your lap, anything that might turn your full attention on him.
Now you know the truth.


WillOaks Studio said...

Oooh these cuties are SO demanding, SO jealous...and we LOVE it!! They can do no wrong! Wellll, maybe they screw up now and then?

Marg said...

Oh Duke, you are so cute, we don't care if your eyes turn green or red or what ever.But it might be good to let Mom and Dad have a conversation every now and then. After all it might be about treats for you. Take care.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

We don't care about his secret. We think he should have your full attention at all times, just look at him, how could you not focus on him :D

BeadedTail said...

Well, he obviously knows that there is nothing deserves more attention or is more important than him! He's cute, he's adorable and he can even make his brown eyes green. He's got it all!

tahtimbo said...

So, the secret is finally out? Is it possible that Duke has an alter ego that thinks he is an actual duke? If he does believe that he is royalty, than that would explain the need to be the centre (since I am talking royalty, I though some fancy British spelling would be in order) of attention.
OR I have had WAY too much coffee and should just say, "have a great evening" and stop typing :)

Tammy said...

Duke is absolutely adorable!
Thanks for stopping by my party.
;) Tammy

allotments4you said...

Oh poor Dukey....He is no monster....just needs attention you shouldn't neglect him!!

Philippa said...

I guess this is the canine equivalent of 'red-eye'?

Out on the prairie said...

Eyes green with envy,Dukeous Interuptious.Looks like he is settled back at home,probably forgot he was even in lockup.

Ann said...

Will Oaks I believe that their occasional screw ups are on purpose so that we don't feel so bad about not being perfect :)

Marg, that's right, we very well could be talking about extra treats, I hope Duke takes your advice

poetic shutterbug as much as I would like to focus on Duke all the time there are other things that come

beaded tail not only does he have it all but he knows how to use it too :)

tahtimbo oh pour another cup of coffee and keep on going, I like your explanation and your fancy spelling :)

tammy Duke says thank you and I thoroughly enjoyed your party, you went all out

allotments4you oh yes and he is sooooooo

philippa i guess so, I always wondered though why dogs eyes will turn green, humans red and cats more of a yellow. Curious very curious.

FishHawk said...

YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!! (Sorry for yelling again, but this has gotten me really upset. I mean, there just can't be anything monstrous about that sweet little innocent puppy.)

Sandra said...

Duke is a doll baby, i can totaly relate to your story. we have two with green eyes.... my pet blog is thanks for droppng by my fast food post yesterday

Russ said...

That is so funny Ann. Claudia does the same thing to us. Even if my wife gets on the phone she tries to get her attention. She takes the phone into the other room. How we spoil our pets.

Sheri said...

Poor Duke! He needs more attention, more focus on him.

That's Bubba taking over the keyboard.

Daisy said...

Duke, you can never look anything but totally adorable!

Donna said...

You should NEVER ignore The Duke!!Hahaaaa....he's so Handsome Ann!

Jean said...

Now we know who really rules your home.LOL!

Anna said...

No, no, no! Duke is NOT a green-eyed monster! Duke is nothing but loveable and adorable!
Mommie must be pulling your leg, little Dukie-boy!

Miawa said...

The green eyed monster revealed! Do Wade's eyes turn green also?

gayle said...

Duke sounds just like most little sweet but when they want out!!

Leeuna said...

I think Duke should be included in all conversations. He is so adorable how can you ever take your eyes off him. So, he's a little spoiled? I can certainly see why. Love the green eyed look.

Sandee said...

I find this impossible to believe. Just saying. I think Duke is perfect.

Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

Ann said...

Fishhawk, I should have known you would jump to his defense.

Sandra ah yes they can be demanding can't they? I stopped by both your blogs and am now following

Russ Duke doesn't seem to mind the phone he just doesn't like Wade and I to talk. they are spoiled aren't they

sheri, I bet you are very neglected as well huh Bubba? You and me should stick together. Your buddy Duke :)

Daisy the green seems to go well with the white fur

donna how much did he pay you to say that :)

Jean yes, I'm afraid it's true. I have now

Anna you can't deny that those eyes in the photo are pure green. I kid you not, he's one jealous pup :)

Miawa shhhh don't tell him I said so but yes they

gayle they are like little kids although less arguing comes from the furry

Leeuna He thinks so too and that is why he always gets right in on them. A little spoiled is putting it mildly :)

Catherine said...

I am sorry... I do not believe it that this sweet pup has a green eyed monster inside ~ it can not be true! :)
xo Catherine

B Boys Mom said...

I'm sure he knows what he is doing. He is just so cute I'm sure he gets what he wants. His green eyes look great on him.

Ann said...

Catherine, everyone sides with the dog :)

b boys mom oh he knows exactly what he is

Lin said...

I can't believe that you people don't just focus on Duke ALL the time! Sheesh. What kind of house is that anyway???

I would never have believed this accusation except the camera never lies. Poor Duke. Busted!

Reeni said...

That sounds like my Moon! But Duke's got the eyes to prove it!

Ann said...

Lin, Yeah Duke is as neglected as Hobbes

Reeni they are so demanding aren't they? but we love them anyway.

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