Friday, January 28, 2011

The Brenda Photo Challenge (1-29) Frozen

Yeah! The Brenda Photo Challenge is back. Now that the holidays are over it's time to have some fun with the challenges again. The theme this time around is frozen which isn't hard for me at all.
Welcome to my frozen world

Around here everywhere you look things are frozen.
While I was on break at work I went outside to take some pictures of some of the icicles hanging off the roof.

That is one cold wall of ice. Another part of our building is two stories high and there were some huge ones hanging there also. By the time I went out though they had knocked them down. Wouldn't want anyone standing or walking underneath those things when they let loose.
Well that's all I have for this challenge. Why not go check out the rest of the entries.


  1. I would not live where you do for anything. I hate the cold. I could so easily be a snowbird. So easily.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. My best to Duke. :)

  2. nice pics Ann.... especially appreciated by those who live in the frozen tundra...:)

  3. Wow, those are some large icicles!
    It looks like it has been awfully cold there for awhile.
    Here's wishing you warmer days.

  4. I'm in shock here!! I've Never seen a wall of ice!!!
    I think I'll stay here... It was 72 today....
    Great shots!!

  5. Sandee, the older I get the more I hate the cold. I think I could very easily be a snowbird myself if I had the opportunity

    lvintheblues kind of a misery loves company kind of thing huh?

    carletta it feels like it's been awfully cold here for a while too. thanks for the warm wishes, we need them

    donna oh yeah, go ahead and mention that you have 72 degree weather, way to make a girl

  6. That's a big ol' wall of ice! Our rain will be coming back this weekend but it's been warm and sunny all week. Oh and our flowers are blooming! :)

  7. Cool ice formation. It was 38 here today so lots of melting. I just posted mine , you beat me.

  8. I like your hidden room behind the ice curtain.

  9. Wow! What an icicle! Thankfully I've never seen anything like that around here. Your pics make me cold looking at them...hope you stay warm!

  10. This is an awesome frozen post.

  11. Good grief, it's a whole wall of ice!! Wouldn't the kids love to play behind that! But one snap and it could put someone's eye out!!

  12. The first photo is beautiful and those icicles are insane!

  13. Oh Ann, it all looks so very, very, very cold ... there could almost be igloos. What temperature is it for a wall of water to form?
    How long does the snow and the ice linger where you live?
    I most definitely do not like the bitter cold weather. How on earth are you able to function let alone make all your wonderful creations?

  14. That ice wall is really impressive! Please keep Duke from getting too close if he goes to leave his mark on it. For I have recently found out that a tongue is not the only thing that can get stuck in certain situations.

  15. Holy Cow! That "wall of ice" is awesome (sure am glad it's not at my house though ;o)

  16. wow this is amazing. i can't believe you actually get to see all those walls of ice every year! i've never seen a single snowflake =(

  17. That is one huge ice cycle. I am surprised it doesn't pull the roof down. Guess that is why they are taking them down. Great frozen pictures. Have a super duper Weekend.

  18. Great shots Ann.We just got another 21 inches of snow over here. Plenty of Icicles also.
    And now even the weather man is making me angry. He keeps reminding us there is two more months of winter. And it looks like we could break our record of snow fall 115 inches. We have already had 71 for the season.
    Have a warm weekend.

  19. My goodness! That is quite the wall of ice!
    Looks really cool though, but you can imagine what it must weigh by now.

  20. Wow, I live in PA also but I've never seen a wall of ice like that. what a great picture!

  21. They're the longest icicles I've ever seen! Wishing you warmer weather, SOON ...

  22. LOLOLOLOL....Hahahaaaa......omWORD I needed that!
    Sweet and WARM weekend to you sister!!Lololol

  23. that is about the biggest ice mass i have seen hanging off a roof, all the way to the ground WOW i guess i could go take a photo of my ice in the freezer, no frozen here in FL...

  24. Holey moley, that's a frozen waterfall!!! Love it!

  25. Wow! I've never seen anything like that ice wall. The first photo, though, is lovely.

  26. Woah!! all I could think about was did that ice do damage to the soffet, rain gutters, or roof. That's the practical me. On the other hand, I'm really impressed by its size. Thanks for sharing.

  27. miss ann,

    holy cow. that sheet of ice is crazy!! i've nevarrr seen anythingie like that before!

    the booker man

  28. beaded tail flowers already? oh I wish ours were blooming, it's going to be a while

    out on the prairie I never even checked the temps today but it was snowing so I know it wasn't that warm

    sharkbytes isn't it cool

    janice it is a big one. they usually break it off but they hadn't gotten to this one yet

    irene thanks

    ginny it would be fun but dangerous too

    grace I liked that one in black and white, believe it or not that was with my cell phone

    kloggers the snow and ice stick around quite a while. We usually have our last snow storm around St. patrick's day which is March 17

    fishhawk oh that could hurt

    Jen glad it's not on mine too, the ones on my house now are bad enough.

    yuenie yes every year and my enthusiasm for them is fading fast :)

    marg I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't at least do some damage.

    russ oh my 21 more inches. will it ever stop

    audrey oh I can only imagine, I know I wouldn't want it falling on me that's for sure

    helen this is the only place I've ever seen one quite like this

    philippa thanks, we need it

    donna thanks and hope you're feeling better

    sandra must be nice, can I come visit you until spring thaw?

    donna lol yep

    lynn makes you cold just looking at it huh?

    holly when I was standing there looking at it I thought the same thing. They really should get it broken down

    booker it sure is crazy, so is this darn weather :)

  29. Wow! That is one impressive wall of ice!! Great frozen shots!

  30. wow, I was raised on a farm and we had ice like this but these are so huge..awesome! :D

  31. Those are some huge icicles! Great frozen shots!

  32. Holy cow you've had some cold weather too. Those icicles are huge! Soon enough we'll probably be complaining of the heat in summer but right now it seems far away hehe. I know what you mean about playing 'ketchup' with your blog reading. I have way too many in my Google Reader and if I don't stay on top of them soon enough they're in the hundreds. Just too much good stuff out there!

  33. That sure is a lot of snow, and I may be crazy but I truly love the snow and was loving it when it finally arrived in London in December and crying when it disappeared as quickly as it arrived a few days later.

    The wall of ice looks amazing, I have never seen anything like it in my life, even back home in Scotland. Wish I was there enjoying it...

  34. I don't think it could possibly get anymore frozen than that! Great pictures!

  35. jeanette thanks, I'm just glad that wall of ice isn't on my house

    julie it is a big one

    brenda thanks

    jeanne I never complain about the heat, I hate being cold so I'll take a hot summer day any time

    catherine yep, that's what I thought

    william , I don't mind looking at it but I hate being cold and driving in it is not fun.

    sheri nope, I don't think it could :)


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