Saturday, January 29, 2011

Say What?

I've gotten myself a little beheinz

I opened up my reader today and found there were over 70 posts that needed to be read. So now I'm trying to ketchup

Yesterday we did some shopping and went out to eat after work and when we got home I got involved in some of my projects. While I'm enjoying all the play time I also relish the thought of catching up with all of you. 

I swear I must have adult ADD. I currently have 6 different projects started. The plan for the weekend was to start with one and work my way through them. All day long I have bounced back and forth between them and haven't finished one. I've also cleaned up the mess on my desk at least 3 times. Each time I get it cleaned something colorful or shiny catches my eye, sparks and idea and I mess the whole thing back up again.
Eventually (I hope) I will get all caught up with my visits to all of you. Leave the light on, I'm on my way but I'm running a little late.


Sandee said...

I can so relate to the trying to catchup thing. I do this all the time. The projects never, but the Google reader all the time. When it stresses me I just 'mark all as read' and let it go.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

Lin said...

You can skip by mine--I've got nuthin' going on at the Duck and Wheel. Now you only have 69!

Alain said...

I think I'm addicted to Heinz Ketchup :)

I have more projects on the go than I can keep track of...

Good luck 'Ketching-up'!

Sharkbytes said...

Caught up? What's that?

Donna said...

This is a Hunts house....I'm going to report your catsup brand to The Duke!! :0)
I try to stay on top of my reading as well... But sometimes I get behind....but I know we all go through this...
Hang in there Girl!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

You're a scream tonight!! And who says you have to do things one at a time in a very orderly fashion? Huh?? Dr. Seuss would certainly disagree with that notion, and so do I! Have fun and do a bit of everything here and there, less boring!

BeadedTail said...

Crafty ADD is much more exciting than what's going on over here! Except for a stroll with Sadie of course! :)

livintheblues said...

being busy keeps you out of trouble... well it does forme..sometimes....mmmm now and again.. :)

tahtimbo said...

That was too funny!!!
I'm the same way when it comes to projects, I have a bunch lined up to do, yet it seems they never get done. It's funny, because I usually don't get distracted, but for some reason I...look a squirrel :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, aren't you just too cute and clever...

Unknown said...

very cute and great pics. heinz is my favorite!!

Nessa said...

Heiz, ketchup & Relish!! Bahaha! You crack me up, Ann! Have a great weekend :D

J. M. P. said...

Ketchup, relish... My English professor would laugh at me if he saw me right now, this is too smart for me!
I am not among those 70. I have not updated my blog in days because I've been busy writing a review for a sauce. (but maybe this is off topic??) :D

Unknown said...

The only ketchup (or catsup) worth buying is Heinz, and the only mustard is French's (need I also specify "Classic Yellow?")! Carry on.

Marg said...

Too funny Ann, your Ketchup and Relish. I like that. You just need to calm down and do a little at a time. Says me who does six things at once. Hope you get something done today. Take care.

Jen said...

So you ARE a fallible mortal after all! *grin* I was beginning to wonder, as you always seem to be disgustingly on top of things ;o)

Catherine said...

Haha ~ cute post Ann!

sigh... so many lovely blogs... so little time!

Hope you were successful at getting at least one of your projects done! :)

xo Catherine

MadSnapper said...

we buy the big guy ketchup tooo. and i am doing the ketchup right now in blog land. my desk and computer area, including the room it is in, does the same thing. i clean it up, organize it all and there it is a gain, a wreck.

Out on the prairie said...

Look out for scroll finger reading all those. I had to reboot to put this in just in case my other message comes through.another repairman Tues. , I am having a lot of company. Maybe i will make treats.NOT.Maybe i will have email back as a treat. I am communicating by phone a lot more. One of my kids held out for over and hour.

Donna said...

Have fun and get that playtime in! I'm running behind on my blog reading too. There aren't enough hours in the day!

allotments4you said...

Only you could make this into such a fun post with all the food pictures Ann...and I can't wait to see all these projects...maybe a sneak peek halfway through them tomorrow??

Miawa said...

You're just a gypsy! Can't live without the variety. Love your catchy little pics - too cute.

Bossy Betty said...

I love that you have so many projects going all at once. Love your pictures and your word play today.

Ann said...

sandee you know, i've thought about marking them all read but I hate to miss

Lin no way not skipping it, I even enjoyed your nuthin :)

alan I'm addicted to starting projects, just wish I was better at finishing them

sharkytes I'm not

donna I really don't have a preference, Wade insists on Heinz

ginny well three cheers for Dr. Seuss, I like the way he thinks

beaded tail aww, too much work right now huh? bet you can't wait for it to be over

livintheblues sometimes yes, sometimes no :)

tahtimbo well I've started 6 but I have tons and tons bookmarked to try out

grace I have my moments :)

roschelle thanks :)

nessa I crack me up

josep lol, well I appreciate you not being part of my back log, but even if you were I wouldn't mind since I enjoy visiting

fishhawk, now you sound like my husband, he would agree with you 100%

marg just a little something that popped in my head

jen oh yeah, very fallible mortal. :)

catherine thanks, yep, I need to quit my job so I can devote more time to my

sandra not only did I buy the big ketchup but it was a double pack.

out on the prairie scroll that's funny

donna there sure aren't, I want an extension

allotments4you I'm not sure how I came up with it but it worked. Hmm didn't think of a sneak peak

miawa a gypsy huh? I like that idea

bossy betty I wouldn't mind it if I could decide which one I want to work

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