Wednesday, January 12, 2011

not off to a very good start

Do you remember the design a day calendar that Marie sent me? Do you remember me saying that I was going to make every one and do a weekly post about my progress? Well I'm embarrassed to say that this is as far as I've gotten
Not only is just one design but it's not even finished and it looks really bad.
Every night by the time I get home, have dinner and settle in for what remains of my evening I spend it sitting reading blogs. Don't get me wrong I love reading all of your blogs but I open up my reader and on a typical night there are about 55 posts to read. Reading 55 posts and leaving 55 comments takes me pretty much the rest of the night. I keep saying, "tonight is the night you are going to take off from the computer and do something crafty" and yet, I navigate towards the couch and the laptop. Last night I made some progress though, I shut off the laptop and turned on the Wii.  Oh I am so pitiful.


  1. It takes me from the time I get up till bedtime, some nights I have styed up till 4 A.M. just commenting on blogs. We love it but it eats up our time. Yet we have to make time for other things, too. Maybe it comes down to figuring out what we really enjoy doing the most! We can't really fit everything we enjoy in one day, but maybe priorities, what we like to do the most? I don't have an answer, there's just not enough hours in the day, are there? I love it and yet I get nothing else done!

  2. I LOVE your paper quilling! Very cute, if you ask me! I also love your new banner. Seems like you are have some creative accomplishments!

  3. Ann, I often had wondered how you made time for all you do. Honestly...I have had to cut back on blog hopping. Whew! Some nights I just want to curl up and read a book (not an e-book...but a real one) or watch TV. Hugs!

  4. I think that if we had more hours in a day that we'd find even that much more stuff to squeeze into it! I do like the martini glass though. Very cute. My favorite piece of yours will always be the owl.

    When you do find time to craft, you create some beautiful stuff!

  5. We all are so pitiful. It's just what happens to all us bloggers. Don't be so hard on yourself. You work full time so you certainly get a break there. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to my favorite buddy Duke. :)

  6. Ginny, Oh my I would never make it past midnight, if

    LDH they come in very small

    Jean I often wonder myself. Most nights I'm just too worn out to do much else besides sit on the couch. The weekends I hate to sleep and waste any of the time off :)

    sheri you are probably right. There's just far too many things I want to do

    sandee yes we are a pitiful bunch aren't especially those of us that are extremely addicted to the blogging thing like I am

  7. I have a bracelet that still needs to be finished yet here I am blogging! It's an addiction I guess. I think your quilling looks good and hope you show us the finished product!

  8. I think this happens to all of us Ann! It's hard to unplug. I love your bird pictures from yesterday!

  9. When it becomes "work" then it ceases to be fun... and if it isn't fun then why bother? Wait til the spirit moves you...

  10. Maybe you shouldn't read 55 posts and leave 55 comments. Maybe you should pick away at the posts, and make your project. Bloggers are a forgiving bunch. Plus we will want the details post-project!

  11. This is from a different Sandra! Blogging can surely eat away at your time. So many little time.

  12. No... you're not at all pitiful!! Just human!! I mean you work all day... what can you expect of one human being! Maybe keep the crafts for Saturday...:)

  13. Guilt over the gross mistreatment of sweet, sweet white fluffy puppies has a way of ruining everything else. REPENT!

  14. You'll get there, Ann - you're not pitiful at all, just human like the rest of us! And much as we appreciate your comments, I'm sure that all your blogging friends will understand if you take a few days off from commenting when you need to.

  15. One a days seem to work much better as a vitamin than a project, doesn't it? *grin*

  16. "Oh I am so pitiful. " As are we all Annie(LOL). What did we do before the world of the Home PC? Hmmm!

  17. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I spend way too much time reading blogs and leaving comments but I love doing it. Everything else just gets left. I am dying to learn more about doing photos and fixing them up but I get too busy with blogging. It does take a lot of time but it is fun time. We love your new header by the way. See I want to be able to do that.

  18. I would love to work on some projects I have but there is too much going on with the Internet. I like reading post and leaving comments.

  19. Ugh, I know what you mean. I feel like it takes me forever to get started on anything because I look at blogs first thing in the morning. The computer sure does zap a lot of time!

  20. sound like Me!!
    Don't be too hard on yourself...

  21. i am pitiful to, and find myself killing much time reading and commenting, but i love reading as much as bloggin, so i limit my time on blogs to mornings. no bloggin after lunch time, once in a while, none at night. we get up early and go to bed early and at 5;30 every night hubby and i watch a movie then go to bed at 8. so if i dont comment it is because i ran out of AM time and had to get to my book. i am retired so dont have to factor in work time. blogging is addicting for sure. when it started to become a job i backed off and quit following more people, chose to stay with the ones i feel like i know. I agree, each person has to decide what hey like best and what make them happy.

  22. Oh, not pitiful ... SMART! ditto Grace ;) Do what feels good and you'll never regret it.

    hugs & love to you!

    I love reading your blog, as long as you love doing it.

  23. It's winter. I have a very hard time doing anything after work in the winter. Give it time and you will get back to it.

  24. I am really into a game on my DS at the minute Ann so I am not getting the blog posts in on time...but never mind I think we all deserve a break every now and then!!!

    Glad you're enjoying your wii....I really need to get back to my Yoga!

  25. I know what you mean about getting home from work and being so tired all you want to do is sit. That's what I do most nights. Just sit and read blogs.

  26. beaded tail, it's nice to know I'm not alone

    reeni it sure is. and now that I have the laptop and can move around the house it's even harder

    grace you are absolutely correct.

    sandra I know I should do that and I say I will but then I get to each one and think oh just one

    sandra I agree completely

    ann what's up with that having to work thing

    fishhawk I should have expected that from you.

    philippa I really do try and take a day off from it but it never seems to work. Guess I just like it far too much

    Jen you could have a point there but then I was never very good at remembering to take a vitamin

    miawa I honestly don't remember, was there such a time :)

    marg same here, I enjoy the heck out of it. I think I'm like that with too many things. I get sucked in and lose time :)

    russ so many things to do and see, what's not to love :)

    erika it's a shame they can't zap other things such as unwanted weight or dust bunnies

    donna not at all, it just made for good blog

    sandra I've tried to schedule my time but then when times up I say oh just 5 more

    vickie and life is too short for regrets isn't it. I do love blogging and I love having all of you stop by

    country mouse studio :) glad I'm not alone

    b boys mom yeah, I know, it comes it goes it comes

    allotments4you I guess we just have to go with what we feel like doing most

    gayle at least it's relaxing, doesn't take much energy

  27. I know I'm bad, but I don't always comment on everyones post. I frequently read blogs from my phone and commenting isn't as convenient in that format. It's kinda like my personality...I'm usually the quite one in the crowd, who occasionally speaks up when I feel the need!

  28. Same here Ann...when I have a spare moment I'm peeking at blog posts! Knowing full well that I have about one hundred other things to do. But bless your always comment on all the posts you read. I have to confess that I often visit and then move on to the next one....leaving no comment behind.

    Please don't let that quilling calendar put any pressure on you. Remember that I had for three years before I passed it on to you! : )

  29. Amen, sister. I finally gave up trying to please everyone (and myself) with trying to comment and read my blogroll every night. I found I got burned out and grew resentful of that job. So, in order to keep sane and interested in blogging, I had to scale back. I am to visit 20 or so blogs each night and actually enjoy them. If I feel like doing more, fine. If not, fine.

    Always know that you get a mulligan at my place. I don't expect you there or commenting every single day. I come here because I love your blog--not to just re-pay your visit. :) Chill a bit more and visit me when you can, pally.

  30. If only we were rich and didn't have to work for a living. That would give us extra time for crafting and blogging.... ;)
    xo Catherine

  31. ROFL! This durn blogging is hard work!

  32. janice I used to be like that until about a year ago.

    marie there are rare occasions when I pass on commenting but for my most favorite blogs I just can't leave without saying Aw, no pressure, just wishing I could get myself into the mood.

    Lin I don't know what it is about this blogging thing but I just find it to be the most relaxing and enjoyable thing on most days. I'm glad you like coming around

    catherine that would be wonderful wouldn't it. I guess we can always dream about it

    donna the toughest job you'll ever


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