Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie

Yesterday while I wasn't the only one taking it easy. I had my pillow on the couch and someone decided to use it for his nap.
Aw, isn't he cute. So lucky too since he gets to do this every day if he wants to.  Shhhh, don't wake the Duke.


  1. These little guys are so cuddlie and so comforting to sweet! :D

  2. Don't worry I would never dream of waking the Duke. He can sleep anywhere he wants and all of us know that too. They just do that.

    Have a terrific day and please give my best to Duke. :)

  3. Ahhh, it's a dog's life, as the saying goes!

  4. My little puss cat has been doing the very same all day with the exception of eating and a mini stroll or two outside. Nothing seemed to disturb her - I wonder if it's the time of year. Perhaps there's a touch of the hibernation in us all!

  5. I'll speak very softly. He's so cute Annie and I can't imagine the blessing you obviously receive through him. Keep making mommy happy Duke!

  6. This is so cute!! He rests just like a person would!!!

  7. He looks mighty comfy on your pillow! We wouldn't dare wake sweet Duke!

  8. That's so cute - my boy, Gizzy, sleeps a lot too...I love to watch him sleep :-) He entertains me even when he's doing nothing ;-)

  9. It's funny how they just know, isn't it? It's like they have senses to spot the cuddly spot on the couch. :)

  10. Be vewwery vewwery quiet. Don't wake the Dukester. He is so precious!

  11. That is cute. Duke looks nice and comfy. Claudia does the same thing. Only thing she likes to crawl under the blanket.

  12. Ahhhh....Mommy better give The Dukester Anything he wants...Hahaaa

  13. Adorable. Sammy does that soon as he sees me spread out a blanket on the couch he is on it in a second! haha.

  14. Very sweet. I wish I could take a siesta too!

  15. Snuggling and snoozing pets are always so cute!

    xo Catherine

  16. Duke is so adorable! Reading your blog has made me want a dog too.

  17. around our house let sleeping dogs lie is our motto. this made me laugh. and this is the link to my sleeping dogs lie from last year

  18. I wish I could lay down with Duke. I could use a nap too.

  19. julie, they sure are

    sandee and if we forget Duke will remind us :)

    donna, yep, shhhh :)

    LDH, don't we all :)

    Ann not a bad way to live if you ask me

    sharkbytes hee hee he is

    kloggers oh believe me if I move and get up he jumps right up and follows me

    miawa he is a blessing and he makes me smile every day

    jean, very sweet indeed

    ginny that's because he thinks he is a person

    beaded tail he sure was enjoying it. I think i even heard him

    bossy betty :)

    doris they are entertaining any time aren't they

    lin yes they sure do

    fishhawk, I know he would find some energy to get up for bacon

    leeuna oh please don't wake him, he'll want snacks then :)

    alan thanks, he is a cute one

    daisy I think he had them

    russ duke never seems to care much for the blankets. maybe he just has more fur than Claudia :)

    donna that's what he thinks, I wonder who put that idea in his

    steve, well I'll certainly stop by and check it out

    allotments4you indeed :)

    duni well you are spreading that blanket out for him aren't you? I mean it really wasn't supposed to be for you I'm

    connnie I think the same thing every afternoon at work

    catherine they sure are

    Yuenie I don't know that I could live without one

    Sandra I'll check it out I don't think I've read that far back in your blog

    b boys mom me too :)

  20. Ahhhh Duke looks so comfy, makes you just want to crawl up and snuggle

  21. What a little cutie-patootie :)

  22. You mean you didn't set that up for Duke?

    Of course you did!

  23. I miss you and Duke! Nice to see him so sweetly and quietly sleeping. :)

  24. miss ann,

    how totally nice like of you to share your pillow with duke! heehee.

    the booker man

  25. That is too cute :-) It would be hard to wake him.

  26. man overboard doesn't it though :)

    lisa, asleep or awake, :)

    sheri well sure I

    zach we miss seeing you around too.

    country mouse studio the best

    booker man it's just a sharing kind of house :)

    tahtimbo yes, and it would also be a good time to quietly catch a snack for


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