Thursday, January 6, 2011


The roll I was on seems to have come to a screeching halt. I haven't picked up my camera, done anything crafty or even cleaned up the mess in the living room. All week long by the time I get home from work and get dinner out of the way, the only thing I can manage to accomplish is to sit on the couch with my laptop and enjoy all your wonderful blogs.
This slump has got to end.


  1. slump... I can so relate!
    We have the stomach bug here. I had the headache of a lifetime with total stomach wrenching the other day. Abbey got it next and John texted me today to pick him up from work asap with the same bug.

    Christmas decorations are still up outside and the garage is filled with boxes to pack away. A cord of wood in the driveway awaits hauling to the back of the house.

    I didn't expect the new year to start out feeling totally overwhelmed!

    Guess I will try to stay calm and carry on. :) And put a smile on my face without grumbling on a sweet friends blog post.

  2. It's the weather. It's cold and gloomy and the days are so very short. We need some warmth and sunshine for us to have some energy. It will happen. I'm feeling about the same and I'm retired.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  3. I'm in a work-induced slump. Three days back to work has negated all the relaxation I had for the 11 days prior. Ugh. I don't know what to do about it except to hope that a post comes to me in my sleep.

    And Sandee's right about the weather too. Winter ain't my time to blog apparently.

    Nighty night.

  4. The Christmas season can really take it out of us ladies!! We have to do all the shopping, baking, decorating, etc. Don't look at it as a slump, look at it as a recovery!! You are regenerating for the new year!

  5. I'm in a slump too. Maybe it is the season for slumpiness. My back has been hurting a lot so I'm not sitting on the computer very long. At least we are in the slumps together, pally. :)

  6. I'm loving the picture of Duke during your slump. Cute, cute! Here's my nickle's worth of advice :o) End the slump when you are good and ready. Who is making the rules around here? YOU are!

    Have a great Friday and fabulous weekend, Ann. Two of my girls are coming for the night and I have no idea how much I will be on the pc!

    hugs from Texas xo

  7. Count me in on that slump! Every night I say I'm going to get all this stuff done and even make jewelry but every night, nothing gets done. *sigh*

    That is another cute photo of sweet little Duke!

  8. The best post ever, now I have company in my slump and don't even have to feel guilty :O)

  9. I'm in a terrible slump too! I've been back to work for 4 days after being off for about 2 weeks. I'm so very tired when I get home and am doing very little. I can't even think of anything to blog about! Hopefully this weekend I can get my decorations down!

  10. oh, slumpy is my 2nd name :) It's OK... you gotta take a breather once in a while ya.

    Poor Duke looks so tired.

  11. Oh, give yourself a break - it's been busy, busy time - now it's time for slow deep breaths...

  12. Ditto to what Grace said...everyone needs a good slump every now and then.
    Plus just think of all the inspiration you're gathering from all those other blogs!

  13. No harm giving yourself a break every now and then! it can even be therapeutic to do nothing and just flop for a change. =)

  14. Happy New Year Annie! I see you and the Dukester are both looking great!

    oh...and i know just what you mean about the slump... hope you perk up soon :)

  15. Hang in there, Duke. Mommy may be getting older and more decrepit by the minute, but a cattle prod can still do wonders! (By the way, it might not be a bad idea to drop it off by daddy while she is trying to figure out what zapped her.)

  16. It's the new year blues setting in Ann...I think it's always the same...there are lots of festivities and family gatherings for christmas and stuff and then it suddenly all ends with the promise of a great new year and yet we are still in the midst of the dreary winter. Don't worry, as the days start to get longer and the sun comes out a little more you'll soon get your mojo back!!

  17. I feel it is the New Year expectations setting in. We expect more out of ourselves. After the Holiday rush you need to try to relax a bit.

  18. Oh, don't worry - we all seem to be in a slump after the holidays, plus there's the greyish weather, the cold...according to that picture,Duke seems to be in one too!
    No worries, Ann!

  19. Slumps provide essential fuel for the creative spark.

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  21. at least you had the energy to snap precious duke on the sofa and post him for my enjoyment. Kileau Poetry said she is making one resolution. i dont do those things, but am thinking of taking hers. "just do it" it might work, i am going to try it

  22. I know what you mean! In the winter it seems that all I want to do is hibernate. I hope your slump ends soon :)
    Tske care

  23. Don't you wish there was a product called "Slump-B-Gone"? I'd buy it!

  24. We're in a slump over here as well. Tell Duke that Louis feels the same way. Somethings gotta give!

  25. It's the winter doldrums! The holidays are over and now we are all waiting for spring, LOL. Duke is cute, as always.

  26. I also know that slumpy feeing too well!
    I've decided good intentions count so I'm content with those at the moment!
    Jille x

  27. I have been the same way this week, but I hope to catch up on a few things this weekend. The weather is suppose to be bad Sunday, so maybe I can stay inside most of the day (except for feeding all the animals.) Hope you have a great weekend!

  28. Don't worry, you'll come out f it and with even more great craft ideas.
    When this happens to me, I look on it as a time when my brain is rebooting. Unfortunately, like that old VCR still blinking 12:00, my brain is still on holiday.

  29. LDH oh we all went through that bug here and it was miserable. I hope it passes through there quickly, it's no fun

    Sandee I believe you are right. Sunshine would pick my spirits up

    junk drawer kathy, it's amazing how fast work can suck the life out of us isn't it

    ginny ok, that works for me. I'm in recovery :)

    Lin nice to have the company

    molly smith well for a nickel that's pretty good advice. I think I'll take it.

    beaded tail we'll just have one big old slump

    country mouse studio nope, no need for guilt at all. It's slump time :)

    livintheblues I hope the pause isn't too long

    gayle I have my tree down and most of my decorations in the basement but still have to pack it all up

    sharkbytes lol well if it doesn't bother you then I guess it shouldn't bother me either

    Nessa that's a pretty funny middle

    grace slow deep breaths, I can do those :)

    marie and I have found some really good stuff too. my stumble favorites are growing by leaps and bounds

    yuennie I think I should flip a little more than flop

    roschelle hey to you also, nice to see you back out again

    fishhawk you are a bad influence my friend. a very very bad influence :)

    allotments4you you are so right. this time of year does tend to bring on the blahs. I good dose of sunshine will cure it though

    russ yep, it's the same every year

    duni yes I think he is, he's not getting enough running around outside time

    philippa ok, so I'm just refueling then. that sounds logical

    sandra I can not tell a lie, the picture is a couple months old so no I didn't even have the energy to take that.

    angela hibernation just has such a nice ring to it :)

    vickie, thank you :)

    bossy betty LOL, would that come in an aerosol or pump

    dss oh no not you guys too

    donna well I sure wish it would hurry up and get here

    jille well if good intentions count then I'm doing fantastic

    janice I've been hoping to catch up on several things for a few weeks now. Maybe this weekend will be the one I manage to do that.

  30. Duke, you look like you are in a slump too. I think we all are and I do think it is because of the weather. We all need some sunshine and warmth. Have a great week end.

  31. I'm always in a frump when I am in a slump and always seem like such a grump... hmmmm.... very bad rhyming I know... :)

    Warm hugs,
    xo Catherine

  32. Marg, we're all in a slump and we agree about the weather. A good dose of sunshine will cure us

    Catherine LOL, love the rhyme and frump, slump, grump I experience all of them


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