Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend part 1

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and knowing that it's Saturday. I didn't even mind when I looked out the back window and saw this.
Of course, come Monday morning I'm hoping that this will all be gone. (keep dreaming)

I casually started my day with a cup of hot coffee and my laptop. We headed to the store mid morning for a few necessities and few not so necessary things. Wouldn't you know it the two frivolous items I was going to buy for myself could not be found in the store.
Back home for a little bit of this
and a lot of sitting around doing not so much.

Oh and I almost forgot the best part. Last night I finally got the furniture moved back and the floor cleaned up in the living room.
Look there's Duke waiting by the front door to greet you. Come on in, sit a spell.

Still one day left to go. I wonder what I'll do next.


  1. like the floor mom, looks really nice!

  2. That floor is a beauty! And I see why you have the's all the snowmen on your steps! ;D

  3. The floor is beautiful, but not as good looking as Duke. Just my two cents. I'm glad you are taking it easy. That's a good thing to do on a weekend.

    Have a terrific evening. My very, very best to the man of the house...Duke. :)

  4. Ann. I Love your floor and home. Well done!!!!

  5. Hiya, Duke! You supervised your mommy well!

  6. So now you are pros with the flooring, come over this way.It looks really nice.I like the color you selected.

  7. Your day sounds very much like mine :). The floors look fabulous.

  8. It looks GREAT! Nice job!

  9. Oh, it is just beautiful! You have a lovely house, and so airy and neat!! I adore your header today!! I hope your roads are all clear by Monday. We are getting snow on Monday night.

  10. The place looks awesome! What a good choice for the floors. I didn't see it before but I'll bet the place looks bigger. Of course Duke is still the star of the photos!

  11. Your floor looks beautiful and you have the cutest greeter ever! Maybe tomorrow you can go out and play in the snow with Duke. Or just stay inside and nap with Duke.

  12. The weatherman says I should be able to take snow pictures tomorrow too. Your floor looks great - we have installed similar flooring in 2 rooms. I know how exciting it is to be finished and everything is back in place!

  13. The flooring looks great Ann...and I spied the snowmen on the stairs...will they always be there or will they go away with the Christmas decorations??
    Sounds like you had a good day, one without plans often accomplishes a lot...and always more than was expected!!

  14. The floor looks fabulous, Ann! Your living room is so cozy and inviting. I can imagine myself sitting there on that comfy couch doing nothing too :)

  15. Aside from making at least that part of your home look better than any I have ever lived in, your new header looks wonderful. Sometimes you can really be irritating.

  16. Yes the floor looks great. Is Duke the greeter or the watch dog? You may have jinxed yourself with the snowmen on the steps.LOL Your Header is beautiful. Lets get back to snow. We had snow Friday night and then again last night.Luckily not too much for us in this part of the state.
    Have a wonderful Weekend.

  17. Amanda, thanks, makes a huge difference

    Julie OH NO!!! that white stuff is my fault isn't

    sandee Duke does give the floor that finishing detail :)

    Jean thank you, feels good to have it done

    donna, he sure did, he worked so hard

    out on the prairie I don't know if my knees could take another

    Anne it was a pretty laid back kind of day. rather nice

    Grace, thanks, I'm pleased with it myself

    Ginny thank you. the neat part isn't always so I hope the snow is cleared by monday too

    sheri thank you. hadn't really noticed but I suppose it does look a little bigger now.

    janice well if you're getting snow I hope that means that ours is leaving and headed to

    allotments4you thank you. The snowmen will get put away I just haven't felt like packing all that stuff back up yet :)

    Duni, thank you, believe it or not we rarely sit in this room

    fishhawk well thank you and as for the irritating part, I wasn't even trying :)

  18. Duke, thanks so much for your invite. Your floor really looks terrific. I bet Mom is enjoying it too. Great pictures. We love your house. Have another do nothing day.

  19. i know what you can do with your day, read more blogs, write more blogs, kiss duke, take more photos. kiss duke. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you header, and the background looks like it flowed over out of yur photograph GREAT blog design, happy Sunday and enjoy and here is hoping your snow leaves town before work day rolls around. tell duke i wish i could visit and his home is lovely

  20. I will look out the window and see snow until mid April most likely. It is pretty this morning with the frost though.
    LOVE your floor!! It looks amazing!

  21. anytime spring wants to come along is fine with me..:)

  22. Duke looks very happy and you house looks GREAT!!

    God bless you Ann and have a great week :-)


  23. The floor looks really really nice. You and Wade really outdid yourselves this time :) And the lil white spot seems quite proud to be guarding the den now.

  24. The place looks great put back together (LOL). Think of something wonderful to do for that last weekend day.

  25. Marg you're welcome to stop by any time :) I'm loving the floor,

    Sandra I think I'll just follow your and thanks, I threw that header together real quick when I realized I still had a Christmas one up

    Audrey same here, winter lasts forever

    Christie thank you

    livintheblues same here, I don't mind if it shows up early at all

    the old geezer thanks and Duke says he is most of the time. He's not real happy that we both have to work and leave him home alone all day

    Anny thanks, it was a pretty good accomplishment. The lil white spot is very

    sandee thanks

    miawa thank you, and now I'm thinking....

  26. That reminds me, I have some laundry to do as well.
    Your house looks terrific! I wish ours was that neat.
    I hope you have a terrific weekend :-)

  27. wonderful greeter you have, hope you enjoyed your days off :O)

  28. Beautiful scene, your home looks very cozy and inviting! :-)

  29. Your floor is gorgeous! And we did much the same thing this weekend - lots of computer time and gazing at the snow.

  30. Ann, it looks fantastic!! Congrats to you both (oh and Duke too) for doing such a great job :)

  31. Your new floors really look great. After all that work with the floors you should have a weekend off.

  32. tahtimbo there's always laundry, it's a never ending job. and if it makes you feel better my house isn't always this neat.

    country mouse studio he is a good greeter, better than the ones at

    Shell thank you very much

    reeni it's the perfect way to spend a weekend.

    DSS, thanks, I think it was all worth the effort

    b boys mom thanks I think I deserve the weekend off too


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