Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's just not fair

Don't you just hate it when you sit patiently waiting for something good and you don't get it?
Mom and dad were having this for breakfast this morning.

I sat quietly waiting. I was very patient, I didn't whine a bit.

And they didn't give me any. Can you believe that?
You are writing this down for future reference aren't you? If it happens again I want to know who to file my complaint with.


  1. Not even a bite???? Criminy, I'd protest on the next photo shoot, Duke.

  2. They're just thinking of your heart Duke, wait, what about theirs? Hm!
    You can complain to auntie Miawa anytime.

  3. Poor Duke. You need to requisition Beggin' Strips. Hey... I like you sitting in the tree in your mom's new header.

  4. I can't believe they wouldn't even give you a little taste Duke. I've got this written down and you can count on me to say something. What would a little bit hurt anyway. You were asking so very nicely too.

    Have a terrific day my little friend. My best to your mom too even though I'm not very happy with her right now. She could have let you have a little piece of bacon. :)

  5. I'll help you Duke...abuse of this sort should never be tolerated! ;D

  6. Oh Duke! The cruelty must stop now! Did you look lovingly into their eyes? Did you do the head tilt? My mom and dad are the exact same way although I do have mom trained to share her eggs with me when she has them for breakfast.

    Yours friend,

  7. Awwww!! Good dogs need plenty of reinforcement! Didn't anyone cook you a strip?

  8. Aww! You poor baby! I bet you got a dog treat today though, those are much better for you!

  9. Oh, I'm sorry to hear this, Duke. I suggest you go on strike and let your mom know that you will not pose for any more photos until you get a portion of all bacon consumed in the house :-)
    Oh, I really like your new header. Fantastic job!

  10. Happens to me too Duke.. sometimes i wait and wait and wait.. and nothing. And they just tell me they are eating curry. I don't believe them one bit.

    woofs n licks,

  11. I'm so sorry Duke! Looks yummy!
    Love your new header!

  12. You didn't get one little bite? That's awful Duke! We know you would have got some yourself but you don't have thumbs! :)

  13. Poor woofie - that's harsh!

  14. I'll buy for you when your mom and dad not around :D

  15. Duke, if you would drop me an email, I can give you some suggestions on how to get even. Oh yeah, they gotta pay for that!

  16. Duke: Please visit the Complaint Department located on the fourth floor (take the elevator ;o)

  17. Oh sweet Duke ~ mom and dad are just looking after your health. Perhaps they gave you extra love today instead??? :)

    xo Catherine

  18. Don't worry Duke I filed a complaint for you with the animal cruelty folk.I don't think they took it too seriously however. They had me escorted out of the building.
    Have a good week.

  19. My dog doesn't wait patiently, he bounces like he was on a pogo stick.

  20. you poor abused baby you. you can talk to ME about your mean old people who starve you with bacon smells and DOG food only. you look so sweet in your waiting position

  21. I use Beggin Strips as a reward. I had a lawyer friend see a few in the plate I keep them on and thought they were jerky.Not as tasty he said.

  22. aww, duke. try making puppy dog eyes at mummy and see if she melts.

  23. BUMMER!!!!!Hahaaa...
    Love Dukes photos Miz Ann...

  24. I can't believe they didn't share! After all you do for them. You can file a complaint with me anytime.

  25. Poor sweet Duke. It really isn't fair, is it? And now that you mention it, I forgot to give Louis some of my breakfast tasties on Sunday morning. Inexcusable!

  26. I hope poor sweet Duke ended up with some kind of treat.

  27. Lin, thanks for the advice, I'll do just that

    Miawa yeah, what about theirs, if I can't eat it then they shouldn't either

    sharkbytes, I think mom has a bag of beggin strips in the cupboard

    sandee I can't either. I knew I could count on you.

    julie thanks for joining my group of supporters, I appreciate it

    sheri I did look lovingly, I did the head tilt. Mom usually shares and dad almost always does but this time, nothing

    ginny not a single one :(

    reeni well yeah but it's not the same as real bacon

    tahtimbo I think I will do just that but then that means that I won't get to see you guys.

    Anny they didn't even try and hide the fact that it was bacon

    gayle thanks, it sure looked like they enjoyed it

    beaded tail I couldn't reach the table either because they had all the other chairs pushed in

    Grace, tell me about it

    vanilla seven oh goodie, thanks pal

    fishhawk I'll paw you an email just as soon as I can get the laptop away from mom

    Jen where's the elevator?

    catherine, well I suppose they did but I still would have liked the bacon

    Russ oh that was so nice of you even if it didn't seem to work

    country mouse studio oh maybe I should try a pogo stick next time. Does it work for your dog?

    sandra thank you for your support. Do you have any bacon?

    out on the prairie lol, and we don't fall for it either. They're good but not quite the same thing

    Yuenie, ok I'll try that at dinner time tonight and see what it gets me

    donna big bummer

    small town mommy ok consider it filed then :)

    DSS what's going on, first my mom and dad and then you not sharing with Louis? what is happening around here?

    b boys mom I always do :)

  28. Duke! I can't believe that they didn't share even a morsel. Come visit me ~ we love bacon and we love sharing!!

    Cute post Ann! You make me laugh every day!

  29. Where's the elevator? Why, by the sign pointing to the fourth floor silly ;o)

  30. marie believe it, I'll pack my bags and be on my way

    jen well no wonder, I can't read so I didn't look at the sign


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