Sunday, January 30, 2011


Duke sure knows how to take it easy and enjoy life. He loves to sit and watch what's going on out in the front yard. When he's not busy guarding the house he enjoys watching the birds and the squirrels and even the people walking down the street

All that watching can tire a guy out though. 

He can sleep anywhere.


  1. Bwahahahahaha. Now that's rich. He can indeed sleep anywhere. He's so darned cute. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to the little man of the house. Tummy rubs and ear scritches too. :)

  2. what you see the Dukester doing..I have been doing the same thing today..:)

  3. sandee, isn't it though. :)

    livintheblues, you've been hanging over the back of the couch?

    beebeebabs :) he is isn't he

  4. He's so cute! Another lazy day for us too!

  5. No way. What a cutie. I cannot believe he can rest in that position!

  6. Looking out windows is exhausting! That's so funny that he fell asleep like that. Oh to have the life of furry ones!

  7. Poor Duke is going to get a stiff neck! So cute in his sweater!

  8. How cute he is! Raider could never fall asleep watching people, squirrels or birds. He is too concerned that they just might come too near his domain. I just posted some picks doing just the opposite of Duke.

  9. If he's anything like my cat I'm sure he's wondering why you haven't sorted out the weather. My pus often goes to the door several times in a period of ten minutes, looks up at me with a look of disdain and turns around going back for another 40 winks.
    At the moment she looks as if she is in the most uncomfortable position as her head is poking out of her hide, it's tilted to one side and half up in the air and yet she is asleep ... imagine that being able to sleep with your neck half up in the air. Don't animals ever get a crick in their necks?

    I love Duke's coat it looks as cuddly as the man himself!

  10. That doesn't look very comfortable. Our boys could sleep anywhere too, it's a good thing to be able to do :)

  11. Oh my gosh!!! He's actually asleep??? Reminds me of my husband. He once fell asleep standing up with a mouthful of popcorn.

  12. Oh my, I can't believe a dog can sleep in that position. A cat, yes. He is such a darling.

  13. Reminds me of my Bo, he does that! Duke has the cutest sweaters! :D

  14. He's so funny and adorable :)

  15. This is a great place for a nap...i used to be able to sleep anywhere when I was a kid and have even been known to fall asleep whilst my Dad is giving me a shoulder

  16. Now that is what I call an inspired post!!!

  17. Sleep like that is a real art form!

  18. oh duke! how cute he is sleeping like that :D

  19. Duke looks so adorable sleeping like that!Great shots, Ann :)
    I'd love to chill today, but there's so much work to do...

  20. Man, Duke needs to come down here and hang out with Shadow; he conks out really well too (although I don't quite see Shadow laying across the back of the sofa *laugh*). How funny!

  21. Great job Duke. That is showing people how to do it. I can do almost the same thing. Although I have to be sitting in my recliner.
    Have a great week ahead.

  22. Duke, that is a stylish watch-dog sweater!

  23. I'm with Daisy---that is a snappy sweater you got there, Duke!! I'll bet those chicks walking by just love you!

  24. Oh, how precious he is. I love that little guy. Thanks for sharing him with us. I always smile when you post a photo of him. Give him a hug for me...and an extra treat.

  25. Duke looks a lot like me on Saturday morning! Sitting in the living room, sipping my coffee, watching all the wildlife romp around in the snow outside.

    Ah....that is the life!

    Oh, and I have no clue how I am going to make it up to Paige...I will have to make her a new fab 40's dress!

  26. Hahahaa...I'm so Envious!!!
    Cute shots!

  27. Laid back is his thing, he has the good life with parents who really spoil him big time.I had email for 1/2 hour, it was nice while it lasted.

  28. Hahaha...Duke is too cute! Isn't it amazing how they really can fall asleep anywhere?

  29. h Duke, you are always stealing the show. That is one fancy sweater that you have on. It makes you look so handsome. Hope all of you have a great evening.

  30. gayle, don't ya just love lazy days

    erika believe it, he can :)

    beaded tail apparently so, it wore the little guy rightout

    reeni I know I

    ldh I don't think he was really sleeping I think he was playing possum to trick anyone going by

    kloggers if only we could fix the weather for them

    grace, made me laugh :)

    audrey no it sure doesn't.

    ginny no I don't think he really was but he looked like it

    lynn he doesn't usually do that

    julie he loves his sweaters too

    josep :)

    allotments4you I think I still can sleep

    fishhawk, glad you liked

    philippa yes it sure is

    as isn't he though

    duni if only there were more sundays in the week

    jen I bet Shadow would lay across the couch if you gave him the chance

    russ recliner sounds like a better

    daisy it's his official uniform

    lin I think it's his favorite :)

    leeuna hugs for duke on the way

    lisa I'm sure Pagie will appreciate that :)

    donna me too

    out on the prairie 1/2 hour that's it? what a rip off

    dss if only we could do that

    marg I think he can make anything look good :)

  31. It is so cold here today (-44c or -47F) that I wish I could have stayed in the house and snoozed like Duke!
    xo Catherine

  32. AWWWWWWWWWWW! So cute. You just made my day, Duke! :D

  33. Love you sweater Duke!
    Best wishes,


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