Friday, January 7, 2011

The season for freazin

By George I think I've got it! I'm not in a slump at all. What has happened here is quite obvious. My ambition, energy, enthusiasm and creativity have simply been caught in the deep freeze.
Finally it's Friday and I plan on not planning anything. I'm going to take the weekend and do just whatever seems to be right for the moment. If I feel like cleaning, I'll clean. If I feel like shopping, I'll shop. If I feel like taking a nap on the couch with a little white someone then that's exactly what I'll do. There are no requirements, no expectations, no rules no regulations. I have two glorious days off from work and I intend to enjoy them as much as humanly possible.
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Nifty pic - Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wow great shot of the icy cold.

    I'm going to stay home and let my eye heal some more. Have a yacht club function the following weekend and as the commodore I have to introduce everyone. Then on Sunday we have our first meeting of the year and I'm the chair. So I'm pretty much going to have the same kind of weekend as you're going to have. I just don't have that little white cutie pie to nap with.

    Have a terrific, restful weekend. My best to my favorite buddy Duke. :)

  3. Gorgeous shot! I like your plans for the weekend! :)

  4. I would like to go somewhere but the roads are a mess, we got 3 inches today.Hopefully I can get out close by.Otherwise, I doubt I will clean much or do anything but drift with the snow.It is suppose to be in single digits.

  5. I like your plan of just going with the flow (if you can call it a plan!) but I will do pretty much the same thing, except I always go outside every day with Gizzy.We spend anywhere from 2-3 hours outside every day to enjoy this cool weather because in the summer we hibernate and that's not fun!

  6. I did a little bit of that myself... I did stuff, but didn't press myself to meet any particular goal.

  7. There you go! I'm going to get some sewing done, no matter what! I've been trying to start a project for over a week and circumstances keep interrupting!

  8. Your weekend plans sound wonderful especially the part about napping with a little white someone! I'll be watching football, a movie or two and am taking a private beadweaving class to learn how to make a really cool bracelet.

  9. I'm going to try and stay warm this weekend, pally.

  10. You have planned the perfect weekend!!! And WOW to that picture!

  11. Grace, thanks, and I'm sure going to try

    Sandee, it sounds like you need this weekend to rest up with all those things you have coming up

    LDH thanks, I thought it sounded like a good plan

    out on the prairie I think we got at least double that in snow so far and more on the way.

    Doris I tend to hibernate in the winter and spend 2-3 hours outside in the summer :) I hate being cold so I don't know why I live where I do

    sharkbytes I think that's the best way to do it

    donna my problem has been that there's just too many things I want to get done and I don't know what to start with

    beaded tail, sounds like a fun weekend. beadweaving sounds very interesting. have fun with your class

    beebeebabs thanks

    Lin me to pally, me too :)

  12. That's a great idea! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! My oldest got sick this week, so I plan on helping her get caught-up in math (believe me, this is not what I had planned).

  13. I just love your weekend "menu!" I must work in the gallery tomorrow until late afternoon and then the rest of the weekend is up for grabs!! Stay warm! (But aren't icicles just beautiful!?)

  14. That's a good idea. I certainly hope I'll feel like cleaning. The dust bunnies in my house are now guests at the dinner table.

  15. Ah, but will we get to hear what really happened next Monday?

  16. Sounds like a good weekend to me Ann...I think more often than not we can plan what we 'need' to be doing and it's so overwhelming none of it gets done then we feel disappointed in ourselves. If I just go with the flow I tend to find I surprise myself by how much i manage to accomplish!!

  17. That is one great picture. Your weekend sounds dreamy. I am going to go to the darn grocery store since they are predicting big snow or ice here tomorrow and heaven forbid I run out of cat food or worse,cat litter. When it is bad weather, everyone joins me in the house. Have a great and restful week end Ann. Duke too.

  18. Those sound like great plans Ann. We got about five inches of snow last night. So I will be cleaning the cars off and doing a bit of shoveling. Very little actually.

  19. Having no plan sounds like a good plan to me! ;)

    It's storming here so I will just try to stay warm and perhaps head down to my craft room. :)
    xo Catherine

  20. Brrrr shiver. That looks cold! You should definitely nap on the couch with "white someone". Give him a hug for me and maybe an extra treat. Have a great weekend. :)

  21. since we are retired, every day is a week end to us. you will love it someday, just like i do. what you described today for your day is my every day of the week. ahhh retirement. i have to whip myself to do what i need to do since it is so much fun doing what i want to do. LOVE those icicles.. great shot and enjoy our day

  22. My husband goes with the flow but I'm a planner. Taking my tree down now and if time the rest of my Christmas decorations!

  23. I'm doing about the same as you and plan to enjoy every minute!

  24. miss ann,

    whoa! those are some serious icicles...pretty please don't poke your eye out!!
    we are havin' a lazy pants weekend at my house so mama can get back to 100%! she did take down the christmas decorations earlier, but now we are all snugglin' in front of the space heater and visitin' bloggies on the lappy! :)
    keep enjoyin' your happy go lucky weekend!!

    the booker man

  25. Awesome..that sounds like just the right weekend! I put a post up, took my new cat to the vet, headed over the mountain to visit a dear cousin who just lost his wife to cancer, church and a nap tomorrow. :D

  26. Wow, you're living in a cold spot too!
    Thanks for reading my little story about Jon and Sara!

  27. tahtimbo spending the weekend catching up on math doesn't sound like very much fun. Hope it's a quick catch up :)

    will oaks studio staying warm isn't always so easy this time of year but yet icicles are very beautiful

    sandra well at least dust bunnies don't eat much :)

    fishhawk maybe, maybe not. depends on how much it's going to cost me to ensure Duke's silence

    allotments4you that's exactly what happens to me, I plan, I don't follow through and I get very annoyed with myself

    Marg oh noes can't run out of cat food and litter. Hope everyone stays warm there, you can have a big party

    russ oh shoveling, my back hurts just reading

    livintheblues good idea

    catherine a day in the craft room sounds like a good day to me

    leeuna hmmm, does Duke have you on the payroll?

    sandra retirement sounds heavenly to me :)

    gayle I kind of navigate between the two but I'm more of a planner than go with the flow kind of person

    bossy betty good for you. we should do this more often :)

    booker man I hope your mom gets back up to 100% real soon. You should take extra good care of her to help speed that along but it sounds like that's exactly what you are doing

    julie you had a busy day. sour to hear about your cousins wife

    anna oh yes very cold and it lasts way too long

  28. Love the icicle pics!!! (I'm catching up a little hee-hee)

  29. Miawa, thank you and it's so nice to see you dropping by today. I've missed you :)

  30. napping is wonderful, hope you enjoy :O)

  31. country mouse studio it sure is. I wish I had more time for it :)


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