Friday, January 14, 2011

When is it enough

Everyone has their own opinion as to how much is too much. Some have a high tolerance while others can tolerate very little.
Wade and I think that it's enough

Someone else thinks that we could use a little more


  1. I gave in and bought a new snowblower today,it will get used more this year I am sure.You have a nice pile on the deck, to bad Dukester can't shovel.He does look like he is part of all of the action.

  2. I think the interest of snow is inversely proportional to the ability to use a snow shovel!

  3. Love it! Looks like a good start to me. Go Duke!

  4. Oh that is definitely enough! Ugh! I hate the snow. Glad one member of your family loves it but, he doesn't have to do the shoveling does he?

  5. out on the prairie, wade keeps saying he's going to buy one. So far this year he hasn't had to shovel too much since my brother has been plowing but the truck can't get up on the

    donna I think you may be right on the money with that

    sharkbytes I'm not sure if Duke was helping to dig or trying to put it back where it

    miawa I think so too and I also hate it

    livintheblues, that's what I say

  6. Snow is always more fun when you have 4-paw drive!

  7. Wow, you guys are getting nailed with snow. We've been lucky do far and have only had 2 days of real heavy stuff (7+ inches). Good luck digging out and try and stay warm.

  8. Oh my gosh!! Are you completly snowed in?

  9. and where is Mister dukes cute lil scarf I bought him??????

  10. I cannot believe your snow!!! I bet your back are sore from shoveling it! We still have none! Crazy huh?! ;D

  11. Looks like enough to me but Duke looks like he's really enjoying it!

  12. OMG, that is what our place looked like two weeks ago.
    Since then it has been raining heavily and now all the snow is just brown slush. I don't know which is worse?!

  13. Oh my... and I thought our 1/2 inch of snow last week was "a lot"

    Enough, indeed!!

  14. I agree: enough is enough. But it looks beautiful to me, even more because this winter I've only seen the snow in pictures.

  15. That sure is a lot of snow and I am not a bit envious. Outside we have temperature in the double figures but winds of 50mph...I guess there's always something.. :-(

  16. How much more will it take before you are ready to repent?

  17. Oh, MY! That's a lot of snow. Good idea to slap a bright red collar on the Dukester; lest he disappear altogether in all that white stuff :o)

  18. We have the same thing over here. two feet on the ground and they are predicting more for tonight and Wednesday.Of course Duke likes it. Maya and Claudia played in it for the past three days.
    Have a good weekend and watch how you shovel.

  19. Duke, the doggies here love the snow too or at least Ande does. The cats do not like it very well especially when they sink. But we understand about how your Mom feels. Enough is enough. Have a great week end.

  20. Lovely shot! It still looks like that here. But we had something of a January-thaw and now we have ice under new snow! I slipped and fell on Tuesday and broke my glasses. Thankfully no broken bones! But I am still sore on my left side where I landed.

    I don't envy Duni and all the slush that she has south of us. We still have clean white snow here.

    Take care!

  21. from; here it looks like More than enough. hope it melts soon. your comment is true on all phases of life, we all like different things and have different taste, that is what makes life FUN. thanks for the snow pics

  22. Yeah, I have to agree. It looks waaayyyy too deep there. I don't mind a little dusting to keep the earth white and clean, but when you have to lift the snow over your head to remove it....well, that is just too much!

    Hang in there!

  23. When you could lose your dog in the snow than enough is enough! But apparently it's not because I heard more is on its way for NY. Hope you have a great weekend anyways!

  24. Well, it certainly is enough for me!!! I have never ever seen so much snow...
    Have a nice day:)

  25. Wow you have a lot more snow then we have. I think we have been lucky and the storms have gone south of us. Duke could get lost in the snow.

  26. Hey, where's Duke? He is totally blending in with the snow. And, yes I think that is quite enough snow.

  27. Any amount of snow it too much and this is beyond too much. Wow, what a mess.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. My best to Duke. :)

  28. That's a lot of snow! Send some my way!

  29. I agree. Enough is enough! It would be fine with me if we were all done for the year.

  30. Dogs seem to be able to go with the flow as long as someone feeds them, scratches them once and a while... that's all that matters. :-)


  31. beaded tail LOL that just cracks me up

    tahtimbo we always do

    ginny nope, I don't think it ever happens here, we just keep on going just at a slower pace

    amanda, oops busted :) I did have it on him but it kept coming off when he ran

    julie we've been lucky and my brother has been plowing for us

    marie duke's the only one here who isn't sick of it yet

    duni we're supposed to start getting rain which is only going to make all this stuff really heavy

    roschelle lol 1/2 inch is a dusting

    josep i wish I could say i've only seen it in pictures

    allotments4you well i'm ready for something else, like maybe some sunshine :)

    fishhawk oh i can hold out for a

    jen gotta have something to keep track of him, maybe I should get him one of those blaze orange vests

    russ we got more today and now it's supposed to warm up slightly

    marg sinking in snow does not sound good

    anna oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. I almost fell in the driveway yesterday but luckily caught myself.

    sandra you are so welcome. would you like me to send you some of the snow?

    lin couldn't agree with you more, I could live with an occasional dusting

    reeni oh I know since the calendar only says January that we are in for way more before it's over

    arti wish I could say the same, thanks for stopping by

    country mouse studio yep :)

    b boys mom he sure could, good thing he's on a lead and we can real him in if he gets

    leeuna I'm afraid to use that whitening shampoo on him for fear that he will blend in with the snow too

    sandee I totally agree

    gayle gladly

    sheri I don't know why I don't move south

    the old geezer too bad we couldn't be so easily

  32. Pin it on him! Oh and btw why on earth is Wade shoveling the deck??? We never used to do that.

  33. My deck is also covered in snow - but then again - I live in the middle of Canada :)
    Since we live on a farm - we have two tractors with snow blowers, very little shoveling here.

    Our dog would be just like Duke - need to see what is under the snow, something sure smells good!

  34. We all think we have enough here too. No more snow please. :)
    xo Catherine

  35. Amanda could explain why the deck is in such bad shape. All that snow is a lot of weight and it was supposed to rain which would only make it heavier

    Audrey we need a snow blower or a plow for the garden tractor. I can't imagine anything under the snow being worth sticking your nose in it

    caatherine I'm all for an early spring

  36. I guess they are telling the truth about the Mini-Ice age...Good Lord!!!!

  37. HOLY COW.
    can i come over? pleeeeeeease?

    the booker man

  38. donna lol could be, what happened to global warming?

    booker man, sure come on over, we'll have tons of fun in the snow


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