Sunday, January 16, 2011

must be crazy

So yesterday my plan was to go do some shopping. I thought that buying a few new crafty toys would help jolt me into making something. I did a few things around the house until it was late enough that the stores would be open. (I got up a little early on my day off)
About 15 minutes before I was ready to leave I look out the window and see this

Want a closer look at what it's really doing?
Yep, that's right. It's snowing like crazy.
Did it stop me? No way. I still went out. A girl could suffer from serious cabin fever if she stayed in every time it snowed like that around here.
So what did Duke think of all this?

He told me to take it slow and don't forget to bring him a special treat.


  1. Woof! Woof! That's great Ann ... but at the same time crazy. So what did you get? Did you really bring something for Duke. Hope it stops snowing ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I can't believe you went out in that. You are the brave one and nice to know Duke looks out for you. Of course, I would brave the snow just to bring Duke a treat :D

  3. I wouldn't have went out in that. Oh wait. I wouldn't live in snow country. Just saying. At least Duke has a level head and he has his priorities straight too.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to wise Duke. :)

  4. Oh you tease! Duke is saying, "GO get some good stuff so we can show people!"

    Can't wait to see what you got.

  5. I would have stayed home with Duke! Glad you made it home safe and hope you found the goodies (and treats) you went after.

  6. I see we are bearing up under similar weather....

  7. Atta boy Duke! You know where your priorities are.

    The snow looks beautiful ~ I know it can be a hassle but I sure wish we'd get a little.

  8. Oh Ann - I can't believe you decided to venture out in that. Almost reminds me of that very old film 'The Trap' (Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham) out in the wilds with all of that snow.
    I don't think I would have been tempted out .... hibernation comes into mind!!

    Duke ever the gentleman is assured of his seat in the House of Lords with all of that commonsense.

  9. It snowed up your way Saturday?, I haven't left the house in over 2 weeks, but then I don;t have any where to go! Hope you found some new nifty crafty toys!

  10. I hear you! Just keep the faith that Spring will indeed be here before you know it. And I hope you brought back something for Duke.

  11. You went out anyway? How did it go? The driving would have scared me to death, you must have a four wheel drive. You are braver than me! It doesn't look like your roads were treated or plowed! I hope you got lots of good things to make the trip worth it. Yikes, don't let Duke out, with all that white he'd never be found in all that snow!

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhh boy! You sure am a very tough lady. How do you drive in that weather. Even Duke looks worried there.. hehehe.. take care now Ann and enjoy the beauty of the white :)

  13. Awww...Duke's face upclose looks so cute :)
    Sorry about the snow...Glad you made it there and back safely!

  14. Yep, you are, and methinks you have been that way for a while.

  15. Hmmm.... those photos look familiar ~ oh yeah ~ because it looks the same here! Nope, it wouldn't stop me from shopping either. :)

    And how could you not bring that adorable little face a treat!!!

    xo Catherine

  16. We had some snow yesterday too, but it wasn't snowing that hard. Will have to do some clearing again :(
    Well - it is winter. I guess if we didn't want snow - we'd move south?

  17. Duke, you got it all straight, the priority is the treats for you. Hope Mom made it home all right. That is a lot of snow. Take care and have a fun week.

  18. We have been pretty busy with the snow around here. I have a post up today. I dig out five cars over here and it took me until Friday to finish the last one. Another Nor Eastern coming in for this coming weekend.
    Duke is looking good as usual. Hope you got some goodies when you went out.
    Have a good week.

  19. Sugar what I got is coming in another post and of course Duke got

    poetic shutterbug believe me I've been out in worse than that

    sandee I wish I didn't live in snow country, what am I thinking :)

    sharkbytes LOL, can't help myself

    beaded tail I've been wanting to spend some Christmas money I got and I was not about to let a little snow stop me for one second.

    livintheblues a day in the life lol

    marie it's very important to keep those priorities

    kloggers I hesitated for a few minutes but in the end I had to do it :)

    Grace yes it snowed. it seems like it's never going to stop.

    sheri spring is right around the corner I just don't know which

    ginny yes I sure did. drove slow and no problem

    anny I often ask myself the same question, guess it's just what I'm used to

    duni up close far away, he just can' help being cute

    fishhawk you thinks right my friend

    catherine if we let that stop us we'd never get anywhere would

    audrey I don't want the snow so why am I not moving

    marg yep made it home safe and sound and played with my new toys while Duke played with his new treat

    russ oh my 5 cars? that's a lot of digging. You must have one aching back after all that digging

  20. I think that was Duke's face that said "you are nuts for going out there!"

  21. kudos for being a brave soul and braving that snow... i would NOT have gone, i dont even go shopping in rain. if it is raining I stay home. good thing i don't live in Seattle or the UK. i think sweetie Duke was saying Are you kidding me? stay home mommy

  22. I never seen the snow so thick, so beautiful! Maybe for you its no longer special and for me it is.

  23. That's some SERIOUS cabin fever to go out in That!!!
    Just don't think I could Ever "do" snow! What did you bring The Duke???Lol

  24. Duke has the right idea!

    Did you get the special treat? Did ya? Did ya?

  25. Your snow is beautiful! There is No way I would drive in it. I don't get cabin fever!

  26. When the goings get tough, the tough go shopping is my motto.

  27. Hahahaha! I love how Duke has his priorities straight!

  28. donna either that or maybe it was "what do you mean you're leaving me home alone"

    sandra I don't like driving in it but sometimes when we've had a lot of snow I just need to get out before cabin fever sets in

    vanilla seven it hasn't been special in a very long

    donna yep, it was cabin fever alright. Duke got some chewies

    bossy betty but of course he does :)

    gayle I get cabin fever way too easy.

    out on the prairie excellent motto, I think it's one that I follow quite often

    Lin he knows that a little retail therapy for mom benefits him as well

  29. The snow always looks so beautiful and I love it! Well, so what do you buy then ;0)

    Jille x

  30. Very wise dog you have there, I'm sure he wasn't thinking of the treat at all - just go get it! and be careful mommy.

  31. looks a lot like here except no Duke :O)

  32. Wow, that is some serious snow. Too bad you don't have a snow mobile to use on days like this :)
    Stay safe and warm!

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  34. The good thing about shopping in a snow storm is the stores are not very busy. I hope Duke ended up with a nice treat.

  35. Oh Duke...I guess you were a lot saner than Mum...but to be fair you are also a lot

  36. jille it is beautiful when you don't have to go out in it

    Miawa yep, that's my Duke :)

    country mouse studio I'm so ready for some spring color

    tahtimbo I think I'm too wimpy for a snowmobile, you have to be all bundled up and it's still so

    texas ranch for sale

    b boys mom you are so right but there were actually quite a few people out. I'm not the only crazy one around here

    allotments4you I've never claimed to be in full control of my


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